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DAF » A-30 / A-50 / A-60

In 1949, DAF presents its first two truck chassis to the press: the A-30 (3 tonnes) and the A-50 (5 tonnes). They were quickly followed by the 6-ton A-60. The vehicles are characterized by a grille with seven chromium strips and form the basis for the forward control trucks (cab over engine). The first trucks were assembled in small numbers using components brought in from other manufacturers. Imported Hercules 4041cc JXE3 six-cylinder petrol engines, producing 91bhp, were chosen for the lighter trucks, whilst the more powerful 4620cc, 102bhp JXC unit was used in the heavier chassis, which proved an ideal choice, as there were hoards of spare parts available from ex-military sales. The British-built 83bhp Perkins P6 was the diesel option. Axles were sourced from Timken, and cabs were initially constructed by local coachbuilders. Most of the first DAF trucks, introduced in 1949, were produced at the old trailer works and supplied to the Dutch army. Initially, DAF only provided a powered chassis with an all-steel cab available as a 1400 Dutch guilder option. This allowed buyers to get local coachbuilders to build truck cabs, as well as bodies, for an all-inclusive price. The all-steel cab was to become a standard fitment in 1951.

A-30 / A-50 / A-60A-30 / A-50 / A-60A-30 / A-50 / A-60A-30 / A-50 / A-60

MAZ » 74106

On the eve of the deployment of new anti-aircraft systems S-300, development of a special tractor to work as a part of an active combination was started. The first prototype of an active road train MAZ E7410-E9988M was made in 1975. The next year the updated version MAZ 74106 with a 525 hp diesel engine was appeared. It combined with the same 30 tonnes MAZ 9988 semitrailer with a hydro drive of all wheels. MAZ 74106-9988 was started to use by the army in 1978 and produced till 1994. The new tractor has a maximum payload on the 5th wheel of 17.5 tonnes and was intended to haul trailers with a total mass of 42 tonnes, with a GCVW of 64.4 tonnes. It was a combination of the twin-cabin MAZ 7410 'Oplot-B' with units of the MAZ 543A. It got the 525 hp D12A-525A diesel with an enhanced cooling system. The main units and chassis was borrowed from the models 543 and 7410, the frame and rear suspension — from the 'Oplot' range. It has brakes, tires and two fuel tanks with a capacity of 410 liters from the MAZ 543. Curb weight — 22 tonnes, total mass — 39.9 tonnes. Overall dimensions — 10,180x3050x2920 mm. Top speed — 65 kph. Fuel consumption — 100 liters per 100 km. Range — 770 km.


BAW » Flag Dragon (旗龙)

BAW Flag Dragon (旗龙) is the model range of flatbed trucks and chassis with a payload from 1.5 to 11 tonnes and GVW from 4 to 16 tonnes. They are equipped with 4-cylinder diesel engines of different Chinese manufactures: Great Chai CA4DC2 (3.2 liters, 108-120 hp), Whole firewood 4B2 (2.5 liters, 95 hp), Chai Chai CY4102 (3.8 liters, 156 hp) and Big firewood CA4DF3 (130 hp). Gearbox is 5-speed, manual, from different Chinese manufactures. Wheelbase - 3200-4700 mm. Design of the cabin has similar style to the light range BAW Flag Bell.

Flag Dragon (旗龙)Flag Dragon (旗龙)Flag Dragon (旗龙)Flag Dragon (旗龙)

BAW » Flag Bell (旗铃)

The Flag Bell (Chinese, 旗铃) is the base model of the BAW medium-duty range. Payload range is from 1 to 3 tonnes. The trucks have standard layout with a cab-over-the-engine design and 4x2 chassis. Wheelbase — 2900-3300 mm. GVW — 4-6.5 tonnes. Fitted with 4-cylinder diesel engines Shin Kong Brilliance 491QMB (2.2 liters, 112 hp), Great Chai CA4DC2 (3.2 liters, 108 hp), Cloud Power YN27 (2.7 liters, 95 hp), Whole firewood 4B2 (2.5 liters, 95 hp), Whole Chai 4D26 (2.6 liters, 92 hp) and Xichai 4DW92 (2.5 liters, 80 hp). Gearbox — 5-speed manual from different Chinese manufactures. In 2016, design of the cabin was refreshed.

Flag Bell (旗铃)Flag Bell (旗铃)Flag Bell (旗铃)Flag Bell (旗铃)

MAZ » 74103

MAZ 74103 is the reinforced version of the 74101 tractor with an increased load on the 5-th wheel to 27 tonnes. 10 copies were made in the 1980s. Later versions were collected without a winch and third cabin. It was specially developed to transport military goods and fuel through mountain passes in Central Asia and Afghanistan. MAZ 74103 got a retarder and some changes in the transmission. Top speed was reduced to 50 kph. The tractor was tested with heavy fuel trailers with a capacity of 60 and 90 thousand liters. The first version of the airfield refueler was TZ-60 based on CHMZAP-6568 semi-trailer. The second — TZ-90 was a 3-section combination consisted of the MAZ 74103 and two fuel semi-trailers. This unique 32-wheeled road-train with a GCVW of 140 tonnes went into service in 1987. Top speed — 40 kph. In 1992, army stopped using of these beasts.

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