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In 1974, the first prototype of a wheeled self-propelled pontoon bridge vehicle PMM was built. It was created on a converted 300 hp chassis BAZ-135MB with a simplified cabin from ZIL-135LM with flat front mask, two hatches in the roof, a radio station and an internal intercom system.

Its durable all-metal sealed hull with a frame had flat external aluminum panels, angular lines and open wheels housing. Two propellers with water rudders provided movement of the vehicle on water. Two sealed aluminium pontoons were placed on a deck. They had folding ramps, docking devices and a roadway. Afloat they were tilted in different directions and together with a flat deck formed a three-element bridge for military equipment weighing up to 42 tonnes. Deployment time - 3-4 minutes. Curb weight - 26 tonnes. Maximum speed on a highway - 60 kph, afloat - 11.5 kph, with a full load - up to 10 kph.

The self-propelled pontoon bridge fleet consisted of 24 amphibians PMM with a coastal and transitional elements, which coould be quickly transformed into separate ferries. Heavy vehicles with GVW up to 126 tonnes could be shipped using two or three ferries linked together.

PMM ferries fleet was impractical and unsuited to fulfill its basic functions. An important structural error of PMM vehicle were open wheels housing, significantly increased resistance afloat and reduced handling. In addition, the PMM vehicles were the most complex, large and expensive self-propelled ferries. Only 24 vehicles were produced till 80s.

PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'
PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'
PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'

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