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The failure of the military use of ZIL-135E chassis led designers to fix their mistakes. In the early 60s, a modernized version ZIL-135L was presented with an increased up to 9 tonnes payload and an independent torsion suspension of front and rear wheels. The first prototype of ZIL-135L was made on April 4th, 1961.

Compared with ZIL 135E, all design changes of ZIL 135L were connected with a new suspension, including a modified steering system. Other units remained almost unchanged, including two ZIL-375YA engines and an automatic transmissions from ZIL 135E. Only the transfer gearbox gear ratio was reduced, which allowed to increase maximum speed to 65 kph. ZIL 135L still had no suspesion of the middle axles and the same fiberglass cabin (the only change - it got a new wide middle passenger seat).

The autumn 1962, when production of ZIL-135L started to transfer to Bryansk Automobile Plant, it turned out that the production of the complex automatic gearboxes can not be started. Then it was a compromise solution to replaced automatic transmission by two manual 5-speed gearboxes YaMZ-204. The updated model got an index ZIL-135LM. Serial production began in Bryansk in December 1964.

ZIL-135LM could be transported by rail and aircrafts IL-76 or AN-22. They were adapted to use on all kinds of roads with temperatures ranging from - 40 to + 40° C, with high humidity, dust and altitude up to 3000 m. The wheelbase remained the same - 6300 mm. Curb weight was increased to 10.9 tonnes, GVW - up to 20,3 t. Maximum speed on a highway remained the same (65 kph). Fuel consumption - 88 liters per 100 km (in real conditions - 125 - 200 l).

The model range included also several special models. ZIL 135LMT was made for export to countries with tropical climate. It features a sealed electrical system, enhanced cooling and sand color. ZIL 135LTM was another version, equipped with two batteries (instead of the four on the base machine) and a modified covers of the engine compartment, and was a part of Luna-M missle complex. ZIL 135LMP prototype was built in February 1972. It got new telescopic shock absorbers in the suspension, more powerful pneumatic booster in the braking system and heater of increased efficiency. This chassis was used mainly for the installation of a new 9P140 missle comlex.

135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM
ZIL 135LBZIL 135LZIL 135LM9K57 based on ZIL 135LM
135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM
9K57 based on ZIL 135LMZIL 135L and ZIL 135LMZIL 135LZIL 135LM
135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM
135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM
135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM135L / 135LM
135L / 135LM135L / 135LM

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