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In 1940 all Autocars changed their indexing. The bonneted trucks received the letter C, and the cabover - the letter U. The numbers in the index indicate the difference of weight and power characteristics of trucks. Autocar heavy gasoline trucks were called C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90. Externally, the trucks have not been changed. The producing of all Autocar commercial trucks was stopped at the end of 1940 and resumed only in 1945. The model range of gasoline trucks included:
- C-50 - GVW is 11 tons, the engine is Autocar Blue Streak 358 rated at 89 hp - the former Model D. A dump truck version C-50-D was also available.
- C-60 - GVW is 12 tons, the engine is Autocar Blue Streak 358 rated at 89 hp - the former Model DF. A tractor version C-60-T was also available with GCW of 16 tons and a more powerful engine Autocar 408 rated at 110 hp - the former Model 2TR.
- C-70 - GVW is 13 tons, the engine is Autocar 408 rated at 110 hp - the former Model N. A tractor version C-70-T was also available with GCW of 18 tons and Autocar 447 engine rated at 116 hp - the former Model 3TR.
- C-80 - GVW is 13.5 tons, the engine is Autocar 447 rated at 116 hp - the former Model NF. A dump truck C-80-D and tractor C-80-T with GCW of 20 tons were also available - the former Model 4TR.
- C-90 - GVW is 16 tons, the engine is Autocar 501 rated at 127 hp - the former Model T. A dump truck C-90-D and tractor C-90-T with GCW of 22.7 tons were also available - the former Model 5TR.

After the War, the production of Autocar trucks was resumed in 1945. The lineup permanently lost the C-60 and C-80 models. In 1946, new models were added to the range: C-70-S, C-70-TS and C-70-DS - a chassis, tractor and dump truck with the Autocar 501 engine rated at 127 hp from the model C-90, as well as three-axle models C-5064, C-7064 and C-9064. Since 1946 all conventional Autocar trucks were available with a new all-steel De luxe cab. It can be distinguished by bigger windshield and higher roof.

C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
Autocar C-50T1940 Autocar C-801940 Autocar C-90Autocar C-8062
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
1945 Autocar C-70T1947 Autocar C-501947 Autocar C-50
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
Autocar C-90DAutocar C-90D1947 Autocar C-50T1947 Autocar Ad
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
Autocar FP5075Autocar FP5075Autocar C-501949 Autocar
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
1949 Autocar C-50
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
1947 Autocar C-50TAutocar C-70TSAutocar C-70TS
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90
Autocar C-70TAutocar C-60TAutocar C-70T
  1. Jeff Meyer
    2014-01-09 20:28:17

    I own an Ardmore Autocar C 95 T with a Continental R 600A engine and A 5 x3 transmission. Do not know the year. Want to sell due to health reasons. Complete truck never been messed with.

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