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ZIL » E135G

In 1968, an experimental ZIL E135G with a 395 hp helicopter gas turbine engine GTE-350T based on ZIL 135L2 chassis was built. The engine workes with a hydromechanical 4-speed gearbox NAMI-090, developed in 1963-66. Another feature was a new inertial air cleaner with automatic dust removal. This version had the highest performance of all ZIL 135 range: maximum speed - 83 kph, but fuel consumption was increased by 3.5 - 4 times.


Volvo » FH Performance Edition

Volvo FH Performance Edition is a limited edition tractor packed with tons of electronic equipment. It included systems such as Volvo Dynamic Steering, I-See, I-ParkCool and I-Shift dual-clutch. Its cabin is painted in exclusive blue color Performance, and exterior details are black. The interior is made in the same colors: black leather with blue stitching. But appearance is not the most important part of this truck. The heart of the truck is a 540-hp power unit. Volvo FH Performance Edition is available only with a XL cab. A lot of systems make transportation effective and safe. For example, Volvo Dynamic Steering increases the tractor steering precision, thanks to an additional electric motor built-in hydraulic power steering. Smart I-See system reduces fuel consumption by 5%.

FH Performance EditionFH Performance EditionFH Performance EditionFH Performance Edition


At the 2016 IAA CV Show in Hannover, Daimler Trucks has presented the Fuso TV (6x4) three-axle tractor. Manufactured at DICV's Oragadam plant near Chennai as an export-only model, the truck is the highest powered heavy-duty truck in the entire Fuso range, targeting long-distance haulage with a gross combination weight of up to 100-tonnes. The truck has been designed for developing markets in Asia and Africa, and was launched in Kenya via CKD from India. The TV is powered by Daimler's well-known 11.9-litre six-cylinder in-line turbo-charged, water-cooled direct injection diesel engine (aka Mercedes-Benz OM 457), generating a maximum output of 428 hp (315 kW). The engine works with a 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift G 330 gearbox with a twin-disc dry plate diaphragm-type clutch with automatic control. The two driven rear axles feature hub-reduction with optimized rear axle ratios for different applications. The engine is Euro V compliant, and the fuel tank capacity is 455 litres. Developed on Daimler's Technology platform, the TV features a modern low-roof or high-roof cabin with sleeper berth and 3-crew seating, specially designed to meet the consumer demands from the container transportation in the developing nations. Air-conditioning and Cruise control with steering-mounted paddle gear shift are standard in the TV-R range, along with exhaust and engine brake, and full-air, S-cam dual circuit braking system with ABS. Robust chassis and heavy-duty axle capacity are its biggest advantages, while mighty R 24 tyres with increased ground clearance enables the truck to tackle challenging terrain.


Paul » Arocs 4151 AK 6x6

Custom truck builder Paul Nutzfahrzeuge has converted a Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck with crane for special application in the energy industry. It is an Arocs 4151 AK 6x6 and was converted from a four axle truck by removing the rearmost axle. The front two axles are steered and the result is an all wheel drive, three axle truck with better manoeuvrability offroad, Paul said. A Hiab hydraulic loader crane is mounted permanently behind the cab and there is a removable ballast box and a winch. Removing the ballast box reveals a fifth wheel coupling for a low loader trailer to transport machines, equipment and materials on rough ground and in tough conditions. In more detail the cut-down Arocs 4151 AK 6x6 has air suspension on the rear axle while the two front ones are on leaf springs. The load capacity requirement meant retention of the two front axles. The Hiab X-HIPRO 638 E-6 JIB 150X-6 has six extensions and a jib, a camera, and a work platform. The jib increases reach by 9 metres to a total of 32.2 m. A Rotzler winch with 69 m of 10 mm diameter rope is fitted.

Arocs 4151 AK 6x6Arocs 4151 AK 6x6

MAZ » 7909

MAZ-7909 was an experimental chassis with a carrying capacity of 28 tonnes developed to carry an intercontinental missile system Courier. The prototype appeared in December 1987, three more were collected next year. MAZ-7909 with a wheelbase of 6550 mm (2200 + 2650 + 1700 mm) was equipped with a 420-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine YaMZ-8424.10 V8 (17,24 liter), manual 9-speed gearbox YaMZ-202, independent torsion bar suspension and tires from MAZ-543. Its curb weight was reduced to 19.5 tonnes, while GVW was 47.5 tonnes. Dimensions - 12967x3200x2930 mm. Maximum speed did not exceed 40 kph. Its main purpose was installation of an equipment of a mobile ground complex 15P159 "Courier" with a lightweight compact solid-fuel intercontinental missile 15ZH59. A prototype of a launcher was made in 1989-1990 on a chassis of MAZ 7909.

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