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SuperTruck Could Be the Greenest Semi Ever Built

SuperTruck Could Be the Greenest Semi Ever Built

It all started when Daimler received a $40 million Federal grant to develop and test an experimental prototype that would achieve an 115% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to a stock 2009MY truck. Of course, they pulled that off thanks to the SuperTruck, hence the name of the eco-friendly truck. Just like Superman looked like a human being but wasn’t actually one, the SuperTruck only resembles its mortal fellow trucks. That’s because engineers had to come up with special custom features while also adapting a batch of components from regular trucks.

First of all, they came up with a bodywork filled with aerodynamic parts which was fitted with a more streamlined grille that allows a nice and smooth airflow above its surface. It also has adjustable shutters, that feed enough air to the engine for an optimized cooling process. In the gadget department, the SuperTruck uses an adapted version of Freightliner’s Intelligent Powertrain Management system. The feature relies on digital maps to synchronize shifting and works together with low rolling resistance tires and electric appliances to boost efficiency and fuel economy.

Well, we don’t know about you but the undersigned would drive the SuperTruck just for fun, without a trailer attached, on every highway possible. By the way, the futuristic truck was tested on a 312-mile trip between San Antonio and Dallas at a speed of 65 mph (105 km/h) and it only returned 12.2 mpg (19.2 l/100 km). SuperTruck indeed, especially for the eco-friendly crowd.

Ford Built a Real Life Tonka Dump Truck Based on the 2016 F-750

Ford Built a Real Life Tonka Dump Truck Based on the 2016 F-750

Meet the Ford F-750 Tonka, or as the automaker calls it, the “ultimate Tonka truck”. Based on the 2016 all-new Ford F-650/F-750 medium duty truck, the dump truck created by Ford and Tonka is a real life replica of the famous toy truck. Unveiled at the NTEA Work Truck show in Indianapolis, the Ford F-750 Tonka truck sports the signature Tonka yellow paint with a custom blackout nostril grille and fully functional dump body from Truck Tech Engineers.

The 2016 Ford F-650/F-750 commercial truck is offered in Regular Cab, SuperCab and Crew Cab styles and in straight-frame, dock-height and an all-new dedicated tractor model for heavy towing applications. Design-wise, the new truck features sharp fenders, rugged headlamps and F-650/F-750 badges embossed in the “Bold Leadership” font. Additionally, the area behind the cab was redesigned to more easily accommodate custom work bodies, such as for tow trucks, dump trucks and ambulances.

The truck is offered with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine available in three states of tune: 270hp and 675lb-ft (914Nm) of torque, 300hp and 700lb-ft (948Nm) of torque and 330hp and 725lb-ft (982Nm) of torque. In addition to the diesel, the F-650/F-750 is also offered with a 6.8-liter V10 gasoline engine producing 320hp and 460lb-ft (623Nm) of torque. Both the diesels and the gasoline engine are mated to a commercial-grade six-speed TorqShift HD automatic transmission. The gasoline unit can also be factory-prepped for converting to compressed natural gas or liquid propane gas.

IDEX2015: More news from KrAZ and Streit Group - armored vehicle Feona

IDEX2015: More news from KrAZ and Streit Group - armored vehicle Feona

At the IDEX2015 AutoKrAZ and Streit Group showed another novelty - an armored vehicle Feona, which is based on KrAZ-6322 (6x6) chassis. This truck has a classic bonneted layout. Feona features a solid hull with a V-shaped bottom with ballistic protection of Level 2 of standard Stanag 4569. "Feona" is equipped with modern Cummins turbodiesel rated at 380 hp and an automatic 6 speed gearbox Allison.

IDEX2015: KrAZ and Streit Group presented a new armored truck Hurricane

IDEX2015: KrAZ and Streit Group presented a new armored truck Hurricane

"AvtoKrAZ" and Canada-UAE company Streit Group developed an armored 8x8 truck under the name of KrAZ Hurricane. It is based on a KrAZ-7634NE (KrAZ N27.3EH) with 8x8 wheel configuration, first introduced in 2014. There are only foreign components used in the new truck. Hurricane features a 380-horsepower Cummins ISME 385 turbodiesel and six-speed Allison 400 automatic transmission.

KrAZ Hurricane has a total length of 9320 mm, height 3100 mm and width 2580 mm. The engine is mounted behind the armored cab, but it has a way to the passenger compartment. Hurricane carries up to 12 people. The truck also has a high level of mine protection. The hull has a V-shaped bottom and is able to withstand a landmine explosion 10 kg of TNT equivalent.

The model range of KrAZ "Hurricane" will incude a number of modifications. Kraz is going to create a chassis for various weapons, including MLRS "Hurricane", missiles, artillery systems, air defense, etc. It is noted that the KrAZ Hurricane is very similar to American armored truck Oshkosh.

MZKT presented two new military trucks at the IDEX 2015 in Abu-Dhabi

MZKT presented two new military trucks at the IDEX 2015 in Abu-Dhabi

At the military show IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant brought a new 8-wheel truck MZKT-600201 (8x8) and an upgraded 6-wheeler MZKT-600100 (6x6). MZKT-600100 is markedly different in appearance from the previously model. 600100 got a new cabin with a hatch in the roof and a modified interior. The engine is 420 hp YAMZ-7513, maximum speed is 110 kph, the range - 1000 km, load capacity - 12500 kg, GVW - 26 tonnes.

The 8-wheeler MZKT-600201 (8x8) is a brand new model in the 6001 range. The chassis is equipeed with an independent spring suspension. MZKT-600201 has an increase load capacity up to 16.5 tonnes. The difference in overall length betwenn 6- and 8-wheeler is mo more than 8 cm. The new model is equipped with a Caterpillar C15 diesel rated at 540 hp.

To remind you, MZKT-600100 was developed in 2008, and was presented to public in 2009. MZKT-600100 was equipeed with the latest generation of hydromechanical transmission with electronic control. In addition, the truck was equipped with independent springs (optional hydropneumatic) suspension on all wheels.

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