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Iveco Vision Concept was presented in Hannover

Iveco Vision Concept was presented in Hannover

Commercial vans have some of the most mind-numbing designs in the automotive industry, making Iveco's Vision Concept stand out like a lighthouse for the lost. Presented at this week's 2014 Hanover International Motor Show, the Vision has the styling glitter we've come to expect from a concept that wants to demonstrate the future. 

Some of the van's standout features include the “see-through” front pillars, a rear camera that displays an image on a panoramic screen on top of the windshield, and a load management system that utilizes a series of sensors that "identify the goods and then indicate the correct positioning of these within the vehicle interior", according to Iveco. The Italians also chose an advanced powertrain solution named "Dual Energy System" that allows the vehicle to run solely on electricity at low speeds with a "thermoelectric" motor kicking in for longer journeys at highway speeds. 

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Future Truck 2025

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Future Truck 2025

After a sneak peek back in July, Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled the Future Truck 2025 in all its glory. As the name implies, the concept truck showcases what to expect from the near future of trucking, including autonomous driving technologies. Still, all that hi-tech mumbo jumbo pales when you start start the engine and the plethora of LEDs light up the front fascia of the truck. It sort of looks like a Daft Punk helmet. But there's a catch to this visual gimmick: instead of conventional light units, orange flashing lights indicate when the truck is changing direction, but the light changes to white when the fully drivable concept truck is being controlled manually and on the move. When it's in full autonomous driving mode, the color of the LEDs changes from clear white to a cool shade of blue.

Tomorrow's truck promises to be a "revolution on the motorways." In order to do that, Mercedes-Benz fitted the Future Truck 2025 with an array of radar sensors and a suite of cameras dubbed "Highway Pilot" system. Basically, this highly technologized function is similar to the autopilot mode of a plane. In this regard, a complex sensor mounted in the front bumper scans the road up ahead to autonomously navigate the German truck. But wait, there's more! Nevermind the side mirrors have been replaced by digital screens running live video footage of what's behind the Future Truck, but get a load of this: a trick stereo camera can analyze 100 meters up ahead, 45 degrees horizontally and 27 degrees vertically to identify stationary or moving objects, pedestrians and single or two-lane roads. Then there's the sea of wood and touchscreens fitted throughout the cabin of the Mercedes prototype.

But this isn't an all show and no go contraption: as you can see in the promo video below, engineers tested the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 in the summer at speeds of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) in real traffic situations on the A14 motorway in Germany.

New armored chassis KamAZ 6560M

New armored chassis KamAZ 6560M

At the military exhibition in Bronnitsy, KAMAZ presented a new 8x8 chassis set of families with conditional code "Tornado". The new chassis has got an index 6560M with a spring suspension. The main purpose of KAMAZ-6560M is transportation of troops and military supplies for mounting different bodies and towing vehicles and special trailers on all types of roads and terrain. Payload of KAMAZ-6560M is about 24 tons, while the gross weight is up to 36 tons. Trailer weight is up to 15 tons. Cruising range is about 1,000 km. Ground clearance is 400 mm. The new truck is designed according to the program of updating Russian army with modern military equipment. It is also planned to develop a special chassis KAMAZ-6560M Tornado to install air defense systems "Carapace-C" (or "Carapace CM").

KrAZ-7634NE is a new multi-purpose 8x8 chassis

KrAZ-7634NE is a new multi-purpose 8x8 chassis

"AvtoKrAZ" begins testing of a new multi-purpose 8x8 chassis with cabover layout. KrAZ-7634NE will be the basis for installing construction and special equipment. The new chassis might be able to use as a basis for future missile system being developed now in the interests of the Ukrainian armed forces. It is known that the chassis will receive JAMZ-7511 400 hp engine. 7634NE can also be used as a crane chassis.


Wheel formula - 8x8

Payload, kg - 27 000

Engine- diesel V-shaped turbocharged JAMZ-7511.10 (Euro-3)

Transmission - Manual, dual-band JAMZ-2391-53

Clutch - JAMZ-184

Tires - 445/65R22,5

MZKT presented a new range of army chassis MZKT-6001

MZKT presented a new range of army chassis MZKT-6001

A new range of army chassis MZKT-6001 was created in order to provide the army and rescue units the highest level of mobility. MZKT-6001 range includes four basic chassis 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 in various modifications.

The highest smoothness and speed on different roads is achieved with a help of an unique long-stroke independent suspension. The chassis with installed equipment can overcome the most difficult natural obstacles, moving so gently that even the most complex and sensitive systems will not be subject to undue vibrations.

Increased mobility of chassis ensures by a full compliance with the standard road laws. This allows special techniques to move in columns on public roads, with a minimum of organizational activities.

All chassis include a six-speed automatic transmission of the last generation, modern engines made in Belarus in Russia, as well as electronic systems and self control systems of the car. Upon the request, a cabin of MZKT-6001 can be armored.

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