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MZKT begins producing of an updated 8x8 heavy tractor 7462960

MZKT begins producing of an updated 8x8 heavy tractor 7462960

Minsk Factory of Wheeled Tractors, famous for their Volat brand, launched brand new 4-axle trucks with metal frame cabins. Two-lane cabin features two sleeping accommodations, a heater and an air conditioner. The basic construction also supports hard safety armor panels. The previous model featured cabins provided by MAZ, or those, made by other Belorussian factories.

The new truck is equipped with a V8 Deutz BF 8M1015C with 544hp and an automatic Allison 4500 transmission. The vehicle is able to carry around 130 tons and it features an inter-wheel and inter-axle differential blocking system.

Agrale presents a new generation of medium-duty trucks A-series

Agrale presents a new generation of medium-duty trucks A-series

To replace models 6000 and 8500, Agrale starts producing of a new range at the beginning of 2016, which includes models A7500, A8700 and A10000. The main feature of the new models is a cabin, borrowed from medium-duty trucks Isuzu. The standard equipment includes central locking, electric windows, air conditioning and stereo with two speakers. The new cab is not only more comfortable and visually better than the previous, but also provides better access to the units during repair or MOT.

The lightest model in the range is A7500. It is equipped with a 3.8-liter diesel engine Cummins ISF rated at 152 hp and 443 Nm of torque. Wheelbase - 3860 mm, payload - 4560 kg. A8700 with a payload of 5630 kg is equipped with the same engine, but its power is 162 hp and torque - 600 Nm. Wheelbase - 3500 or 4200 mm. The heaviest in the lineup is the A10000 with a payload of 6700 kg and an engine capacity of 162 hp. Wheelbase - 3750 or 4350 mm. All versions are equipped with gearboxes Eaton, Dana axles and pneumatic brakes with ABS.

ZIL developed a prototype of a truck to transport air landing troops MKMD-T

ZIL developed a prototype of a truck to transport air landing troops MKMD-T

The vehicle is designed to transport air landing troops and to provide all the necessary resources for combat. It is also useful as a base for special modifications, providing combat activities of air landing troops. The vehicle is able to transport light-weight weapon, communication devices and military equipment.

It is equipped with a system of self-extraction, tire pressure control system. The frame is secured with a special rail, and it has the special “ladder” structure. The frame is wide enough to support any typical equipment, platforms, bodies and containers.

The vehicle can be used on unsurfaced roads. MKDM-T provides airborne landing using the platform, designed for KAMAZ-43501 carrying. The landing is effected in accordance with the air landing troops rules and documentation.

The vehicle was made by ZIL company together with Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Unfortunately, the cabin is a complete mess. Sure, the idea of putting the cabin frontwards a little bit is good for landmine defense, but what the hell is on the front of this cabin? Some sort of armored protection for driver’s legs? Looks too big, doesn’t it? Speaking of the engine, it seems to be put somewhere deeper inside the frame. It probably does have a point, but how am I supposed to fix during an operation in the middle of nowhere?

The radiator though is on the right side, which is good, because now it’s less of a shot destroying it while driving on broken ground.

Mercedes-Benz presents a new Actros for the Brazilian market

Mercedes-Benz presents a new Actros for the Brazilian market

Since 2010, Mercedes-Benz Actros has become very popular truck in Brazil. It was chosen by a huge number of carriers. Construction of Actros was almost identical to the European version, which imposes restrictions on using of these trucks on bad quality roads. This is confirmed by the statistics: most of the Actros truck are used in the South and Southeast of the country, where roads are much better. Mercedes-Benz concern has considered this and introduced a new version of the Actros, designed specifically for the market conditions in Brazil.

Mercedes-Benz Actros for the Brazilian market is based on the 3rd generation of Actros. So actually the new truck is a deep modernization, but not a completely new model. This choice was made because of economical, reliability and structural strength reasons. For example, the Brazilian Actros is equipped only with a 13-liter OM 460 engine rated of 460 or 510 hp. Trucks are available as a 6x2 or 6x4 tractors.

Appearance of the new Actros is also changed to meet the requirements of the market. It has an increased ground clearance (front bumper became higher by 35 mm), which has a positive impact during the off-road operations. Plastic material has become stronger. Instead of expensive headlight units new Actros uses round headlights of polycarbonate. They are cheaper to maintain and more resistant to penetration. Inside the cab there is an air-conditioning as standard equipment, and a new bed with an anatomic mattress.

Nexter updates their self-moving howitzer CAESAR and uses a new chassis by Tatra

Nexter updates their self-moving howitzer CAESAR and uses a new chassis by Tatra

20 years have passed, and French guys from NEXTER finally decided to modernize their self-moving howitzer CAESAR. Well, you probably guessed that they haven’t touched the weaponry, as long as there Is nothing to change for the moment, but speaking of chassis and the weapon control system, there are a few changes. 

Why did they decide to switch to an 8-wheeled chassis, instead of a “normal” truck? I don’t know. Basically, it’s obvious that from now on the truck is capable of carrying almost twice more ammunition, which is profitable. Speaking of weight, it’s also increased from 17.7 tons to 25-30, depending on the type of armor. 

Looks pretty hot, doesn’t it? The new WCS was completely remade, so that it shot faster and more precise. Even though the machine isn’t still equipped with an automatic reload system, which is absolutely weird. Perhaps they wanted to save some money? For the moment the new CAESAR is nothing more than a prototype, waiting for potential customers’ approval.

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