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ISIS Used This Huge Crudely Modified Truck To Attack A Key Syrian Air Base

ISIS Used This Huge Crudely Modified Truck To Attack A Key Syrian Air Base

This massive vehicle, believed to be a Belaz dump truck once used to build dams in Syria, was reportedly turned into an unstoppable suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) earlier this month. The truck’s one-way trip was part of the Islamic State’s effort to break through Al Assad’s forces guarding a key air base in what is increasingly ISIS held territory.

Such a vehicle could plow through obstacles and gunfire that would stop normal trucks, and then the driver, who is on a one-way mission, would detonate the massive improvised explosive device in the truck’s huge flatbed at the right instant.

The target was the T4 airbase, located 60 miles east of the western Syrian city of Homs and about 35 miles west of the recently captured and historically significant city of Palmyra (much of which ISIS is currently destroying).

Strategically, T4 can be be seen as something of a midway point between the Islamic State’s defacto capital of Al Raqqa and the seat of the Assad regime’s power to the southwest, in the capital of Damascus. It is also said to be full of weaponry and material, including combat aircraft, fuel, vehicles and bombs.

In other words, it is probably the juiciest and most strategically significant target within ISIS’s reach. Large truck borne suicide bombs are one of ISIS’s favorite weapons of choice. In places like Ramadi they were used en masse against unorganized Iraqi forces. They would come one after the other, causing chaos and mayhem, each one plowing deeper and deeper into key areas and checkpoints. But the use of such a rare, massive and hardy vehicle on Assad’s forces at T4 shows how important the target is.

The Assad regime is very cognizant of this fact. T4 allows access for Syria’s fledgling government to perform air strikes on ISIS targets to the east and is an outpost for keeping government troops supplied while trying to hold off the Islamic State’s push towards the Mediterranean. As such, it is said to have been heavily fortified with extra troops and material by the regime. Still, this does not guarantee ISIS will not throw everything they have at getting it, as if they can it would largely cut off Assad’s capabilities in the region and could mean a huge arms and material gain for the Islamic State’s already highly extended forces.

In the end, this super-sized SVBIED is another example of ISIS’s unique hybrid form of siege warfare. One that is even more psychological in nature than traditionally surrounding and starving an enemy out of their fortress. Instead, ISIS’s extremely violent tactics are aimed at instilling fear and wearing down the enemy’s will to fight as much as they are about making any real tactical advances.

Strange Ural-Benz dump truck photos leaked

Strange Ural-Benz dump truck photos leaked

Last year we learned that Ural Company was going to build a brand new truck in collaboration with Chinese company named Beiben. Since then we havent heard a thing about this project. Perhaps theyve canceled it? Not at all. A few days ago on Instagram we ran into a couple of photos, depicting some new truck with URAL logo on it. Later it turned out to be a Beiben V3 clone.

The photos quickly became viral, and later it emerged that those were secretly taken in the URAL factory. A few days later Ural representative told that the project was still alive, so it was not hard to realize that this is exactly what we had seen on those photos.

You may ask Why Ural-Benz?. Beiben is an acronym for Beifang Benchi, which means North Benz. The company builds large variety of trucks in collaboration with a German society named Daimler-Benz. Their contract was signed in 1988. The most part of their products are Mercedes-Benz trucks clones, built using Chinese details.

Why do Russian Ural need to collaborate with China? In fact there are a lot of advantages. First of all it allows Ural to go to a whole new level as long as their trucks became competitive and less expensive. Secondly, factories will now work harder and there will be more vacant positions. And finally, all spare-parts will now be produced in Russia.

Norinco is a gigantic Chinese company which produces lots of military equipment from rifles up to tanks. Automobile manufacture is one of multiple business branches, lead by Norinco Motors Co., Ltd, which includes several factories and societies.

Volvo updated its FMX and FH construction ranges in 5 ways

Volvo updated its FMX and FH construction ranges in 5 ways

Volvo FMX family was produced for heavy-duty work in 2010. In 2103 it was completely renewed, and now, in 2015 they offer some new features. First of all, the whole new steering system Volvo Dynamic Steering EPS. Now the steering wheel will return in its default position automatically, which means that its going to be easier and more comfortable to steer.

Secondly, the front axle was also remade, now its capable to carry 20 tons instead of 18. Now the truck is more efficient with its 32 tons of fully loaded weight. This feature also eases drivers job and now the truck is more crane-friendly.

The third feature is the introduction of the fifth axle, which increases fully loaded weight up to 76 tons.

Rear air suspension is able now to work in pair with the front drive axle. This feature makes the truck more comfortable and reliable, as long as it reduces the most part of vibrations. Meanwhile it also provides a good 300mm clearance.

And finally, EBS now works in pair with drum brakes. Now these heavy-duty trucks have Hill Start Aid and Brake Blending systems. What is more is that the automatic I-Shift gearbox will now work more effectively.

BelAZ presented a new 32-ton 75440 model

BelAZ presented a new 32-ton 75440 model

Belarusian factory launched the new model of BelAZ-7540 haul truck, which weighs 32 tons. This model is going to be a successor of the old 30-ton trucks family. The truck is meant for transporting rock formations and other bulk cargos. It will be used on mine fields regardless of the climatic environment.

Under the hood there is an inline-six 15.0L engine Cummins QSX15-C435, which is good enough to produce 440.5 HP. There is also a mechanical-hydraulic drive with 4-wheels torque convertor.

The capacity of the bucket body is 14.5 m³, piled capacity equals to 19.2 m³. The body meets all the requirements of FOP and it is equipped with heating system, which uses end gases from the engine. Maximal load equals to 32 tons. Maximal speed is 65 km/h.

Iveco Stralis succeed in Nurburgring

Iveco Stralis succeed in Nurburgring

Schwaben-Truck team succeeds during German truck-racing stage: Iveco Stralis truck took 2nd position twice.

Once Iveco Stralis appeared on this championship, they immediately came out. Schwaben-Truck team made a good shot during Grand-Prix Germany. The truck placed 2nd twice in Nurbrurgring. Stralis, piloted by 3-times truck-racing champion (1996, 2001, 2003) Gerd Korber displayed good results.

Nurburgring race is one of the most popular stages of the championship. More than 100.000 spectators gather there to behold the race. Iveco Stralis, equipped with a turbocharged 13.0 Cursor 13 engine, making 1150HP is good enough to make 220 km/h, but the truck-racing rules limit maximal speed to 160 km/h.

Schwaben-Truck team along with their Iveco Stralis also participated in Grand-Prix Austria and Grand-Prix Italy. Now the team is going to come out in Czech Republic and Le Mans.

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