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Mercedes-Benz Unimogs will treat dinosaurs in the new Jurassic World movie

Mercedes-Benz Unimogs will treat dinosaurs in the new Jurassic World movie

Mercedes-Benz is providing some special G-Wagens, Sprinters, and GLE “Coupes” to run around with dinosaurs in the new Jurassic World movie... but this Unimog “Mobile Veterinary Unit” is obviously the coolest part of the lineup. Inside there is a required equipment for the treatment of dinosaurs. Cool!

Isuzu is going to update Giga model by 2016

Isuzu is going to update Giga model by 2016

For 21 years the range of Isuzu trucks includes Giga top level model, which is going to be updated by 2016. The cabin, which is used on a current Isuzu Giga, was developed in 1994. It is no longer satisfies the requirements of the market for sure. The new cab is significantly higher. But we have no information about flat floor inside. Headlights are made in the typical style of the company. This spy shot shows a 8x4 model for Japanese market with ultra low loading height.

Scania will make 100 copies of Limited Edition Silver Griffin for the UK customers

Scania will make 100 copies of Limited Edition Silver Griffin for the UK customers

Scania is launching a new Limited Edition Silver Griffin for its customers in the UK with only 100 copies to be produced. Every truck will have a unique serial number. Silver Griffin gets V8 Euro 6 engines with a capacity of 580 or 730 hp, exclusive design and luxurious details in the interior of a Topline cab. The new Limited Edition will be available as 2- or 3-axle tractor. All trucks will be equipped with an air suspension and a maximum capacity of fuel tanks (1500 liters for a two-axle and 715 l for a three-axle version). By the way, even 3 or 4 axle tractor could be ordered as Silver Griffin Limited Edition.

There is a kingdom of luxury inside the cab: recaro seats with ventilation and heating, LED lights in the doors, premium radio, Bluetooth, leather trim and much more. Externally Limited Edition Silver Griffin can be distinguished by a matt black grille, silver color of the cab with red decals and lettering "Silver Griffin" with a serial number on the roof.

Volvo Trucks first with automatic all-wheel drive

Volvo Trucks first with automatic all-wheel drive

Volvo Trucks is the first truck manufacturer in the world to offer automatic engagement of all wheel drive on construction trucks. The Automatic Traction Control function activates the front wheel drive when the rear wheels lose traction on slippery or soft ground. "Many drivers connect front-wheel drive or differential lock in good time before a difficult section of terrain, in order to avoid getting stuck. Volvo Automatic Traction Control engages the front wheel drive when in motion, and only for the short time that it is really needed," says Jonas Odermalm, Construction Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Automatic Traction Control, which has now become standard in the Volvo FMX with driven front axle, is already used by Volvo Construction Equipment in their articulated haulers. The solution consists of software connected to the wheel speed sensors which detect and control wheel drive. When a rear wheel starts to slip, the power moves automatically to the front wheels without the truck losing torque or speed. A dog clutch activates the front-wheel drive in just half a second. The clutch is lighter and has fewer moving parts than a traditional solution with permanent all-wheel drive. If the driver encounters particularly rough ground, then it is possible to manually lock the other differentials at both front and rear.

The drive on the front axle prevents standstills on slippery surfaces. At the same time, the function is often only required for a very small part of the total driving time. With Automatic Traction Control, the front tires' grip is concentrated on the steering right up until any critical situation. Thus, the driver can take advantage of the better manoeuvrability for as long as possible. The driver also avoids extra fuel consumption and wear on the driveline and tires, that the constant engagement of front-wheel drive normally results in. Automatic Traction Control ensures that the optimal drive combination is always enabled and removes the decision from the driver.

Video: Truck Drag Racing in Canada Involves Rolling Coal and 71 Tons of Wood

Have you ever noticed how the Canadians have all sorts of local sports that they use to vent steam? For example, there's a whole national event where all they do is cut wood in every way imaginable. One time, I was so bored that I watch a whole Sunday of burly men with nitrous-fuel chainsaws, and I still don't regret it. But is there something you can do with wood that relates to motorsport? How about racing cars made of wood? No, that would be boring and very dangerous. How about drag racing trucks that are carrying 71.5 tons of wood using trucks so powerful they double as dragsters? Yes, that sounds very Canadian. This drag race is between Sebastien Gagnon and Vincent Couture, taking place in Quebec, Canada. Very little is known about these monsters, but apparently they have about 2400 horsepower and enough torque to visibly twist the chassis.

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