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Austin » JU250 / 250JU

The Austin JU250 (exact copy of Morris JU250) was a redesigned version of the earlier J2 van, but benefited from updated front-end styling and a wider track, making the vehicle more stable than the J2. It was also offered with the familiar B series petrol engine in 1622cc form. Claimed power output was 49 bhp, with a compression ratio of 7.2:1. The number '250' in its name was intended to indicate a gross loaded weight of 2½ imperial (British) tons, implying a substantial carrying capacity of 22 cwt.

Following the formation of the British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1968, into which BMC, by then a subsidiary of British Motor Holdings, had been absorbed, the van was branded as the BMC 250 JU. It was then rebadged again in 1970 as the 'Austin Morris 250 JU', finally ending production in the wake of the Leyland Sherpa, with which it shared some components, in 1974.

JU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JU
Austin JU250Austin Morris 250JUAustin Morris 250JUAustin Morris 250JU
JU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JU
Austin Morris 250JUAustin JU250Austin JU250Austin Morris 250JU
JU250 / 250JUJU250 / 250JU
Austin Morris 250JUAustin Morris 250JU


Austin JU250
Austin JU250
  1. m shoaib
    2013-07-05 18:06:29

    hi plz send the cultch cylinder pic .
    tell me how much price cultch cylinder?

  2. Jeremy Lawes
    2015-07-02 17:45:21

    have a BMC JU250 1968 with an Austin Cambridge 1600 engine.
    would you know if an MGB GT engine would fit in it ?

  3. paul
    2015-09-14 01:18:15

    yes it will. i have an 1800 in my ju. you have to use the backplate from the 1600 and mix and match your clutch components

  4. Zack
    2016-08-04 12:23:57

    Hi, the photo of the green and white motorhome is mine and it's been reproduced here without my permission. I'm happy for you to use it, but could you please credit it to Zack Stiling or Zack's Motor Photos (my Flickr account).rnrnThanks.

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