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Unknown models

Unknown models

  1. westcoast
    2012-06-13 00:48:03

    1970s rebodied air cooled Tatra 138

  2. Peter
    2012-06-15 10:40:07

    Yes, its a Tatra 148 (or 138) with a special cabin for China!

  3. R
    2012-07-07 16:00:02

    The Tatra 148 has a bigger block truck engine as the Tatra 138. ;-) Both of the twice truck driving as well in all over the world.

  4. Jelcz
    2012-08-05 18:22:49

    Its Chang Zheng, a Chinese copy of Tatra 138.

  5. erik van ingen schenau
    2013-01-01 19:31:09

    locally made Changzheng CZ160 from the Xingtai Changzheng Auto Works. In the 1980s this factory assembled Tatra T815 trucks.

  6. lanciarally
    2013-08-13 11:16:49

    In 80, I was born in China a tank factory,NO.541 ,My father is a driver in the tank factory,When I was little, he drove a changzheng truck( copy of Tatra 138) and a T138 self-dumping truck 。
    In my memory,tatra was very ugly, but it looks very fierce!In the eyes of my father,its performance is very excellent!

  7. evas ballauri
    2014-06-20 02:43:45

    yes its a very ugly chinese copy of tatra 148

  8. BobSaget
    2015-02-19 06:08:23

    I know almost nohing about chinese war truck let alone chines or war trucks. I know some european trucks and a massive amount of american trucks. Based on what people are saying, At a guess I would say Tatra 138 or some cheap knockoff after ww2 truck

  9. BobSaget
    2015-02-19 06:09:12

    Possibly Russian

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