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GAZ » 3308 'Sadko'

Since the end of 1980s GAZ started thinking about the updating of the old GAZ 66 AWD military truck. In 1991, they presented GAZ 3301 prototype with a new diesel engine, but development was stopped due to collapse of the USSR.

In 1995, GAZ presented a new bonneted prototype of all-wheel drive chassis, called GAZ 3309P. In 1996, it became pre-serial GAZ 33097, and the next year mass production was started under the designation GAZ-3308 'Sadko'.

In the army this 2.3-ton truck replaced the old GAZ 66-40. It got the updated cabin from GAZ-3309 truck, as well as the axles and transmission from the GAZ 66-40. The base GAZ 3308 'Sadko' is fitted with 125-hp ZMZ 5231.10 gasoline engine with a capacity of 4.67 liters. In 2003, the model GAZ 33081 'Sadko' with a turbodiesel MMZ D-245.7 (Euro 2, then Euro 4) became the main version. In 2013, another version was showcased: GAZ 33088 'Sadko' with YAMZ 53442 Euro 4 turbodiesel.

In June 2014, GAZ presented the new generation of AWD truck — the 3-ton Sadko-Next.


GAZ 3308 — the base version with a 130 hp 4.67 liters ZMZ 5231.10 engine;
GAZ 33081 — the version with 117 hp MMZ D-245.7 turbodiesel with a capacity of 4.75 liters;
GAZ 33082 — early version with GAZ 562 Steyr-licensed turbodiesel;
GAZ 33085 — 4-ton version with regular rear wheels;
GAZ 33086 — the version of GAZ 33085 with MMZ D-245.7 turbodiesel;
GAZ 33088 — the version with 134.5 hp 4.43 liters YAMZ 53442 turbodiesel;
GAZ 3325 — the version with a shorter frame and twin-row cabin;
GAZ 3901 — all-metal van version.

3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'
GAZ 3308GAZ 33082GAZ 33081GAZ 33081
3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'
GAZ 33081GAZ 3308 with American LaFrance bodyGAZ 33088GAZ 33088
3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'
GAZ 33088GAZ 33088GAZ 33088GAZ 33088
3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'
GAZ 33088GAZ 33088GAZ 33088AD 90
3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'
APT 14 based on GAZ 3308AC-1.0-30
3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'3308 'Sadko'
3308 'Sadko'

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