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GAZ » 33097 'Sadko'

Intended to transport personnel and cargoes. The GAZ-33097 prototype vehicle is a further development of the well-known GAZ-66-11 truck model. The vehicle is the prototype of the GAZ-3308 and GAZ-33081 Sadko trucks. The vehicle uses a modern conventional bonnet cab with the cab internal volume increased as compared to the GAZ-66-11. The controls are arranged to modern requirements as the seat adjustment and the steering with a hydraulic booster ensuring high level of comfort under complicated vehicle operation conditions. The GAZ-33097 has the mounting characteristics not inferior to those of the GAZ-66-11 vehicle. The vehicle is designed for operation at an ambient temperature of -45 to +50 °C, a relative air humidity of up to 98 % at a temperature of +25 °C and a wind velocity of up to 30 m/s and in conditions of highlands at an altitude of up to 4,500 m with a capability of clearing passovers of up to 4,650 m.

A four-stroke multifuel diesel engine with gas-turbine charging and a power of 81-88 kW (110-120 hp). The vehicle design permits installation of different models. A mechanical, three-way and 5-speed gearbox with continuous gear meshing and synchronizers for gears 2, 3. 4 and 5. A mechanical 2-step transfer gearbox with a direct drive and a reduction gear and with front and rear axle drives. Driving axles: final drive - of a bevel hypoid type, differential - of a limited-slip gearless type.

Front suspension: longitudinal half-elliptic leaf springs with attachment in rubber cushions and hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear suspension: longitudinal half-elliptic leaf springs with attachment in rubber cushions and additional shock absorbers. Frame: stamped riveted type. Wheels: disk type with 228G-457 rims with bead and split locking rings. Tires: pneumatic, size 12.00-R18 or 12.00-R20. Air pressure regulation system: centralized and controllable from the cab.

Steering: a mechanical steering drive with a hydraulic booster. A trauma-safe steering column. Brake systems: the working system is of a two-circuit type with separate axle deceleration and a hydrovacuum booster. The brake mechanism is of a drum type. The parking brake system is a of transmission type with a mechanical drive. Electrical equipment: a single-wire system, 24 V, two 6ST110A storage batteries or four 6ST55 storage batteries.

33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'
33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'

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