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IAA 2012: Updated MAN TGL and TGM wanted to look like older brothers

IAA 2012: Updated MAN TGL and TGM wanted to look like older brothers

There are something else from MAN. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, MAN is now presenting the new TGL and TGM. New trucks will be equipped with Euro VI technology engines - the four- and six-cylinder engines of the MAN D08 common-rail series: the Euro V and EEV versions of these engines have been installed in around 40,000 vehicles since 2009. The optimally combined technologies comprising exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) with on-demand recirculation rates, the common-rail system with its maximum injection pressure of up to 1,800 bar, two-stage turbocharging (for engines with a power more than 220 hp), charge-air intercooling (depending on power class) and low-temperature charge-air intercooling (depending on power class) more than compensate for the disadvantages in terms of fuel consumption imposed by the Euro VI standard. In Euro VI, the trusted engine technology from MAN with exhaust-gas recirculation is supplemented by MAN AdBlue® exhaust-gas cleaning technology. Moreover, the new TGL and TGM vehicles employ the regeneration strategy HCI (Hydro Carbon Injection) as standard. Powerful, environmentally friendly four- and six-cylinder in-line engines from the D08 series deliver 110 kW (150 hp) to 184 kW (250 hp) [for TGL] or 184 kW (250 hp) and 251 kW (341 hp) [for TGM].

The eye-catching new design also meets the technical requirements of the Euro VI standard. What strikes one at first glance about the new TG vehicle is the changed front. The lion as the unmistakable trademark of all MAN vehicles has been integrated in the center of the gleaming chrome-plated panel. The functional three-part bumper is easy to repair, while its central section is a different shade of black and withdraws deliberately into the background. A light, dynamically designed radiator grille adds to the visual appeal of the front and the wide-open wind deflectors with visible air conduits reflect power and elegance. Moving the upper edge of the front flap further down now exposes the windscreen wiper system, whose black cover serves to visually enlarge the windscreen surface - the same as on the TGS / TGX. This results in an interesting change to the proportions of the vehicle's front view. Stylistic accessories have been rigorously dispensed with.

The interior cladding is in a completely new style: brushed aluminium trim, surfaces of grained plastic and satin-chrome door handles reflect the premium concept in the driver's cab. The door module has similarly been newly designed. A bright champagne silver contrast strip in the middle reinforces the visual impression of a cockpit divided into two sections. The new instrument panel stands for functionality and ease of operation: it makes an uncluttered impression and is without frills. The air-conditioning is overall more effective due to ventilation with optimised, quieter airflow. Distribution of the air has also been improved and is not impaired in any way by draughts. Both the new TGL and the TGM are equipped with the MAN BasicLine radio and CD player as standard.

In addition, the new TGL and TGM remain light. Consistent lightweight design has kept the increase in weight relative to comparably equipped Euro-V vehicles inherent to the system to a moderate 150 kg for vehicles with four-cylinder engines and approximately 190 kg for those with six-cylinder engines. Also consistent in the new series are the service intervals: thanks to the precise matching of all components, the service intervals for vehicles operating in light- and medium-duty distribution transport remain the same at up to 80,000 kilometres. Safety is not just writ large for the new TGL and TGM, it's an integral element of both vehicle concepts. For this reason, MAN is now also offering the Lane Guard System (LGS), proven over many years in the TGX and TGM series, as an option for its light- and medium-duty ranges.


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