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Ahrens-Fox » H-T / X-C-T with closed cab

In 1938 New York City purchased 20 Ahrens-Fox Model H-T pumpers with closed cabs, followed eight more in 1939. Actually, there were several different types of closed cabs for the Model H-T. A year earlier, in 1937, Powtucker city purchased several trucks with sedan cab Model X-C-T, equipped with 750 gpm pump.

H-T / X-C-T with closed cabH-T / X-C-T with closed cabH-T / X-C-T with closed cabH-T / X-C-T with closed cab
1937 Ahrens-Fox X-C-T1938 Ahrens-Fox H-T1938 Ahrens-Fox H-T1948 Ahrens-Fox H-T
H-T / X-C-T with closed cabH-T / X-C-T with closed cab
1948 Ahrens-Fox H-T
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