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The second step of growing "Unimog" was in late 70's and early 80's when a new more extensive range was formed. The main commercial models adapted for military service were five diesel series (from U600L to U1100L) with 1,25-3,0 tons payload, 60-110 hp engines and transmissions with total number of gears up to 24, providing the speed from 0,11 to 82 km/h. Development of a 2-ton army truck to replace the old Unimog S404 was started already in 1970. Its prototypes were tested in 1975-77, and in 1978 a serial production of a new truck Unimog U1300L was began. This truck had an extended to 3250 mm wheelbase, 6-cylinder diesel OM352 (5.7 liter, 130 hp) engine with direct injection, 8-speed transmission, independent lever-spring suspension, all disk brakes, booster steering, 5,5-ton hoist, 24-volt electrical equipment and all-metal cab with a roof hatch and an angular front mask. Unimog U1300L became a base for flatbed trucks, ambulances, artillery tractors and chassis for weapons (including versions with armored cabs). Such trucks could tow 8.5 ton trailers with a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Over 18 thousand trucks were sent to Bundeswehr until 1987. In parallel, the most powerful "Unimog U1700L" was produced. It has 4-5 tons payload, OM366A and OM366LA (168 and 240 hp) diesel engines and 3250 or 3850 mm wheelbases. Many years it was the base for armored cars, which were produced in Germany and many countries around the world. In 90-ies the military Unimog range included several short wheelbase models from U1200 to U2400 (4x4), while the army primarily used its long wheelbase versions (wheelbase - 3250/3850 mm), which had indices from U1250 to U2450. The most popular models in the Bundeswehr were U1350L, U1550L and U2150L with 2,5-5,0 tons payload, 136-214 hp engines, and manual or automatic transmissions. These trucks can climb inclines of up to 45° and a ford deep up to 1.2 m. In the early 90's, the largest 7-ton "Unimog U2450L" (6x6) was added to the range. It has 240-horsepower diesel engine and designed to work as a tow-truck or special military equipment and heavy weapons transporter. Since 1982, the U1700L model was produced in Australia.

Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435
Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435
Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435Unimog 424 / 425 / 427 / 435
  1. emyrs evans
    2011-12-16 18:49:20

    can you please give me a price list for a short wheel based unimog.
    Many thanks

  2. Majid
    2012-01-05 10:24:43

    Please send me the price of Unimog435 .

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