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The HX series is created on the basis of commercial modelTG-A with military-style cabins. The range includes 6 basic chassis with an additional index BB and axle configurations 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 (the model of 16.33OBB to 41.460BB) with a payload of 8-27 tons and in-line 6-cylinder engine with output 326-460 hp. The tractor versions BBS (6x6/8x8) are included in the range also. It has a bolster payload from 12 to 30 tons and GCVW is up to 120 tons. Maximum speed is 90 km/h. The semi-tractors are equipped with a 660 hp diesel engine V10, and the most heavy trucks are used an automatic 12-speed transmission ZF. The engine is located under the cab, and cooling system is behind the cab. All engines meet Euro 4 standards. The cab of the trucks available in the short or long version, and in Modular Armour Cabin (MAC) version or Integrated Armour Cabin version. The range includes the following models:
HX60 - chassis 4x4 air-transportable.
HX61 - chassis 6x6 air-transportable.
HX58 - chassis 6x6.
HX77 - chassis 8x8.
HX80 - tractor 6x6.
HX81 - tractor 8x8.

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  1. jomo
    2015-03-24 10:37:13

    i would like to own one of these trucks

  2. jomo
    2015-05-24 11:53:59

    great i do relief distribution in remotes part of northern kenya, during the rainy season it terrible accessing the the targeted population as such i am interested in your trucks especially MAN HX 4x4 or any other version you may have

  3. Tim
    2016-07-31 22:48:01

    I am trying to get scale drawings of the MAN HX 4x4. I would like to scratch build a plastic model in 1/35 scale. Can anyone help me please.

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