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December 9, 1939 the company signed its first contract and supplied to army a new range of 6-ton military trucks (6x6) - the NM series. The trucks were equipped with an overhead valve 6-cylinder petrol engine EY (11,6 l, 159 hp), 5-speed transmission Mack, transfer gear-box Wisconsin, Timken axles with double main gear, pneumatic brakes Westinghouse and 22-inch wheels. In the winter of 1939-40 the first batch of 87 trucks NM1 was built with all-metal cab, steel flatbed body with wooden lattice sides and a hoist installed between them. Until 1945, the company produced 8293 trucks of series NM in 8 versions (from NM1 to NM8), differed by the engine power (170 hp), rear single or dual wheels, open or closed cabs, types of bodies, different winches and other details. Versions: NM1 - closed cab. Tyres - 9,75-22. In 1940, 87 trucks were produced. NM2 - the same, but with minor differences, for example, smaller lights with clearance lights above. In 1940, 107 trucks were produced. NM3 - the same, with minor differences - another bumper with the bend in the central part. In 1941, 104 trucks were produced. Some trucks were equipped with a fire fighting foams Cardox. Since 1942 such fire engines were used on airfields of the Air Corps United States Army. Since 1942 the NM5 - NM8 open with wooden cabins were produced.

NM1 / NM2 / NM3NM1 / NM2 / NM3


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