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Autocar » C-7066

Autocar's 4-ton 6x6 was a low production model (only eight in 1940), and those purchased were issued to Field Artillery units for use as prime movers, and served in that capacity within the United States throughout W.W.II. Known as the Model C-7066, it was fundamentally based on civilian components. However, by the time an open cab and militarized front end had been added it bore very little resemblance to its civilian counterparts. The cab was basically made of simple metal panels with continuous hinging for the doors, but the V-shaped windshield was permanently affixed. Simple single-arch front fenders offered the necessary wheel clearance, while a 15,000 pound capacity winch added to the heavy appearance of the C-7066. Autocar used its own engine, described in Army reference as a Model NB447, which was a six-cylinder model which produced 106 horsepower at 2400 rpm. A Lipe Model Z-32-5 clutch passed power to Autocar's own five-speed model DF5 transmission. A Wisconsin Model T-7-F two-speed transfer case was used. The 9.00x20 directional cross-country tires were mounted on Budd wheels. The C-7066 could ford 20 inches of still water without preparation. The 45 gallon fuel tank gave a 250 mile range, and the top speed was 40 mph. Three C-7066s were also built with wrecker equipment.

Autocar C-7066Autocar C-7066

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