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Less-known area of the company was a mass production of standardized 1.5-ton armored half-tracks together with White, Diamond T and International companies. All of their products did not differ from each other. This work began in May 1941 with the organization of assembly of "weapon carrier" M2. In autumn 1942, Autocar started producing multipurpose armored half-track M3, and then its enhanced versions M2A1, M3A1 and M3A2. On their base were produced 75- and 105-mm artillery T12 and T19 together with White company, and twin and quad anti-aircraft systems T16, M13 and M15/M15A1. In 1941-44 company built 7.6 thousand half-track vehicles.

M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3
Autocar M2Autocar M2Autocar M2Autocar M2
M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3
Autocar M2Autocar M2A1Autocar M2A1Autocar M3
M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3
Autocar M3Autocar M3Autocar M3Autocar M3
M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3
Autocar M3A1Autocar M3A1Autocar T12Autocar T12
M2 / M3M2 / M3M2 / M3
Autocar T12Autocar T12Autocar T19

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