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All-wheel drive trucks 4x4C фтв 4x4CD stood alone in the production lineup of the Autocar company. Perhaps only few of these trucks were made - there are no any information in official catalogs of that time. At the end of 30's, Autocar produced a whole range of all-wheel drive trucks 4x4DF / 4x4N / 4x4NF / 4x4S. The models 4x4C and 4x4CD differed by set back front axle and much longer hood. 4x4C was equipped with a 6-cylinder petrol engine Hercules HXB, and 4x4CD - with a Cummins HD diesel.

4x4C / 4x4CD4x4C / 4x4CD
1938 Autocar 4x4C1938 Autocar 4x4CD

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