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In 1937, Autocar departed from its traditional policy of producing only completely manufactured trucks, by adding two new assembled models to the lower end of the Autocar price range - the Model A and Model B. The new models carried the Autocar name and the Autocar appearance. The Model A had the gross weight rating of 13,500 lb, while the Model B - 16,000 lb.

The smaller of the two models was powered by a Hercules JXB engine of 263 cu. in. piston displacement which developed 68 hp at 2800 rpm. The maximum torque is 163 lb. ft. Behind the engine was a Clark four-speed transmission and Timken bevel rear axle. Braking was handled by four-wheel vacuum-actuated hydraulic brakes. The larger Model B was powered by Hercules JXC engine with 282 cu. in. piston displacement and 73 hp at 2800 rpm. The torque maximum was 175 lb. ft. The transmission was the same as the one used in the smaller truck but the rear axle was heavier Timken spiral bevel. The Model B also had more efficient brakes and bigger tires. The standard wheelbases for both models were 139, 161 and 179 in. Both trucks were equipped with comfortable cabs of the de luxe type built by Autocar.

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1938 Autocar Model B

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