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Mercedes-Benz » Actros Aerodynamic Rigid Truck

An aerodynamically optimised rigid truck in long-haul transport and short-radius distribution also relieves the burden on the wallet and the environment, as evidenced by the Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamics truck prototype. In this project the aerodynamic engineers and development engineers at Mercedes-Benz took ideas from the Aerodynamics trailer and applied them to the rigid truck, with vehicle-specific enhancements. Rigid vehicles can also achieve considerable potential savings: there is a large number of aerodynamically relevant applications even in short-radius distribution. Thus the new Mercedes-Benz Antos was used as the basis vehicle and then developed to offer the best aerodynamic figures possible. Added to this are typical long-haul applications such as furniture or flower transport. This is also true for toll-free rigid vehicles under the 12 t permissible gross weight rating. Compared with conventional box-type rigid vehicles, the Aerodynamics truck improves aerodynamics by approximately twelve percent. This means a consumption reduction of approximately three percent on trunk roads. In the case of an annual mileage of 50,000 kilometres, this results in a saving of around 350 l per year, equivalent to a saving of around 500 euros for the operator or just under one tonne of CO2 for the environment.

The basis of the Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamics truck is a two-axle platform truck chassis with 18 t permissible gross weight rating and the 2.3 m wide cab of the Actros ClassicSpace. A cab from the new Mercedes-Benz Antos is also available. The body is a conventional box with an outside length of 6.5 m, a width of 2.55 m and an inside height of 2.20 m. The outer skin is made of smooth Alucobond plates, which provide little resistance to the wind. In contrast to many aerodynamically unfavourable box bodies, the Aerodynamics truck has an edge radius of 80 mm at the transition of the side walls to the roof and an edge radius of 200 mm at the bulkhead. This ensures a streamlined airflow. The side trim panels are reminiscent of the Aerodynamics trailer. Their upper edge fits nearly flush with the box body.

Actros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckActros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckActros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckActros Aerodynamic Rigid Truck
Mercedes-Benz Actros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckMercedes-Benz Actros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckMercedes-Benz Actros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckMercedes-Benz Actros Aerodynamic Rigid Truck
Actros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckActros Aerodynamic Rigid Truck
Mercedes-Benz Actros Aerodynamic Rigid TruckMercedes-Benz Actros Aerodynamic Rigid Truck

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