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In 1935, the Autocar Co. entered the four-wheel drive field with three models - the 4DF having a nominal tonnage rating of 3 tons, the 4N with a 4 ton rating, and the 4S of 6 tons capacity. All of the front axles are Timken-Wisconsin. All are of the double-reduction type and are equipped with constant velocity wheel joints. Transfer cases and auxiliary transmissions are also the Timken. They are located amidship in rubber mountings. Both have 2 forward speeds.

All three models have larger power-plants than comparable models of the conventional line having the same nominal rating. All are powered by Autocar Blue Streak engines. The 4DF has 404 cu. in displacement engine with a power of 94 hp at 2500 r.p.m. The torque produced by this engine is 271 lb.-ft. The engine in 4N has 453 cu. in displacement and actual horsepower of 101 at 2500. And the 4S is powered by 501 cu. in displacement engine with a horsepower of 124 at 2200 r.p.m. The torque output is 375 lb.-ft. All three models have hydraulic brakes and four-speed transmission. Only one wheelbase is listed as standard for each model, but this can be altered for specific uses. The wheelbases are: 159 in. for the 4DF, and 165 in. for the 4N and 4S.

4DF / 4N / 4S4DF / 4N / 4S

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