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Austro-Daimler » M.16 B-Zug / C-Zug

In 1916-18. were made 5 combinations C-Zug with 150-horsepower tractor M.16 (4x4), which was towed low frame trailers with leading and steering wheels, which served to transport of 380-420 mm caliber guns. Artillery generator vehicle M.16 with a petrol engine of 150 hp worked not as a tractor, but as a mobile power station, and a trailer with eight motor-wheels with internal poles was connected to it. At curb weight of 15 tonnes trailer could carry up to 27 tonnes of cargo. Each set of gun consisted of 5 trains: one for the left gun platform, one for the right, one for the gun carriage, one for the barrel and the last for ammunition. With the help of rims these trains could be easily converted from the road to railway version: road speed was 16 km/h, but speed on the rails was 27 km / h. Fuel consumption was 300 liters per 100 kilometers. The heaviest guns ("Skoda"), loaded on trains, used even during World War II in Leningrad. Since 1916 the system B-Zug was also used M.16 as a towing vehicle.

Design features of the system embodied in the uniqueness of using. For example, an artillery train approached the bridge, which could not withstand the weight of both the generator and trailer. Then a generator vehicle moved to the other side, and then unwind the cable, in which current is transferred to the trailer and it moved independently. After the First World War, these unique cars have been forgotten: the military orders ceased.

M.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-Zug
Austro-Daimler M.16B-ZugB-ZugB-Zug
M.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-Zug
B-ZugB-ZugAustro-Daimler M.16Austro-Daimler M.16
M.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-Zug
Austro-Daimler M.16C-ZugC-ZugC-Zug
M.16 B-Zug / C-ZugM.16 B-Zug / C-Zug

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