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Roman » 16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE

After the first debut in racing in the 80s, in 1990 the team was dismember and ten years later it was put back again with a new type of truck was created. Roman 16.550HAE Race truck was a 4x4, 550 hp CATERPILLAR powered truck. It has proven to be a success because each rally it entered it reached the podium. The assistance trucks were 3 axle, all-wheel drive. GVW was 26 tons and the engine power is similar to the one of the race truck.

16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE
Roman 16.550HAERoman 16.550HAERoman 16.550HAERoman 16.550HAE
16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE16.550HAE / 26.550DHAE
Roman 26.550DHAERoman 26.550DHAE

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