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Albion » WD.CX24

The 20 ton tank transporter, the WD.CX24S, commenced production in March 1942, and was designed to haul a tandem axle semi-trailer. The complete vehicle weighed 15.5 tons, measured just under 44 feet long by 9 feet 5 inches wide at its maximum. The trailer with Albion 4 ton wheeled bogie was constructed at Albion's Yoker Works, and was connected to the tractor unit by a ball and socket coupling. The CX24 was powered by Albion's biggest engine yet, an EN248 engine of 10.5 litres capacity. It drove through a unit mounted four speed constant mesh gearbox to a 2 speed reduction type auxiliary gearbox mounted amidship, and thence to fully articulated twin overhead worm axles. The CX24 was, however, the least successful of the wartime military range, as engine and other problems quickly developed. Mark II and Mark III versions later appeared with several modifications, including fitting rev counters with the maximum permitted revolutions clearly marked with a red line, but really the problems were never entirely resolved and the truck was eventually downgraded to carry cargo such as plant and earthmoving equipment for the tank regiments. Later models could be identified by the offset position of the radiator cap, earlier models having these centrally mounted.

Albion WD.CX24
From the Albion of Scotstoun book

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