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Albee Rolligon » Traveler

It is a high payload, maneuverable, fast, easily maintained and economical-to-operate carrier capable of transporting cargo over rough and unstable roadless country at an operating cost comparable to that of a conventional truck using modern highways. As a prime mover or tractor it develops pulling power comparable to that of a tracklaying vehicle of similar gross weight. It used a Jeep FC 150 or FC170 cab. The TRAVELER totes two tons of payload economically without roads at speeds from a one-mile-per-hour crawl to a 30-mile-per-hour glide as suited to the terrain. Four full powered Albee Rolligon bags provide low ground bearing pressures of 3 to 7 pounds per square inch for high flotation over rough or unstable surfaces like sand, snow, swamp and rocky ground. Each bag lays down a massive flexible tread which molds to ground contours for maximum, ground-hugging traction in climbing. When crossing rough country, passengers, load and vehicle are cushioned against ground shock by the ROLLIGON system of “Top Loading” its bags, which converts each bag automatically into a huge natural airspring. Over soft terrain the flexible bags gently preserve and improve their own trail without rutting.

The TRAVELER provides an extra-large 8’ x 10’ stake bed for carrying cargoes and personnel for exploring, farming, doing jobs around construction camps and for uncounted other uses including the mounting of special equipment like small drill rigs, ambulance and crash truck bodies, fifth wheels, etc. In working on soft sand or in loose dirt, the TRAVELER develops traction superior to conventional tractors, and will not tear up the ground surface nor compact the soil. For maneuverability and constant traction over rough or uneven terrain, the ROLLIGON TRAVELER is provided with frame power-steering through an articulated center joint between the forward cab-and-engine section and the rear cargo section. In maneuvering through close quarters, the TRAVELERS rear bags track exactly in the path of the front bags. Over hillocks and bumps, the swivel action of the articulated center joint permits all bags at all times to remain flat upon the ground for positive traction. Engine was Continental 6 cylinder L-head 226.2 cu. In., 105 h.p. at 3600 rpm.

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