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In 1934 the 1.5-ton truck the second time in two years received completely changed appearance. But for the first time since the introduction of the Model T truck in 1918, there was no automotive sheet metal in the truck body - it had all of its own stampings and, although the radiator shell and grille were similar to those used on the 1933 cars, there were not interchangeable. The 1934 year models called PA and PB for the 131-inch wheelbase with single or dual rear wheels, and PC or PD for 157-inch wheelbase models with single or dual rear wheels. The new engine now developed 80 hp. In 1935 the Series P was replaced by the Series Q, which was represented by QA and QB models with 131-inch wheelbase, and QC and QD with 157-inch wheelbase. Externally, these two series were similar. One of such trucks (model QA with 131-inch wheelbase) completed in the National Hill Climb at Pikes Peak and made the run in 26 minutes and 12 seconds, only 7 minutes slower that the run made by the fastest passenger car in competition.

Series P / QSeries P / QSeries P / QSeries P / Q
Chevrolet PAChevrolet PBChevrolet PBChevrolet PB
Series P / QSeries P / QSeries P / QSeries P / Q
Chevrolet PBChevrolet PBChevrolet PBChevrolet PC
Series P / QSeries P / QSeries P / QSeries P / Q
Chevrolet PDChevrolet PDChevrolet QAChevrolet QA
Series P / QSeries P / QSeries P / QSeries P / Q
Chevrolet QBChevrolet QDChevrolet QDChevrolet QD
Series P / Q
Chevrolet QB
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