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Chevrolet » Series LT / M / N

In 1931 all trucks received an updated appearance via a new painted radiator shell of the same contour as used on the car line, plus the same hood and headlights as used on the cars, through the truck headlights were painted black. The fenders used were the same stampings as used for the 1929 and 1930 cars. The designation of a new 1.5-ton series was the LT. It is continued the 131-inch wheelbase, but a new 157-inch wheelbase was added. Single or optional dual wheels were available. At mid season all trucks received vacuum windshield wipers as standard equipment, instead of the old hand operated wipers, and outside rear view mirrors became standard on all closed cabs. Again at mid-season, the 1.5-ton line received a change. The LT Series was discontinued and the new M Series was introduced. Externally, there was no difference between the two series, but the M Series featured a newly designed 4-speed transmission, and the panel and express bodies could now be ordered with extra-wide fenders and runningboards for dual wheels. For the first time also, Chevrolet trucks could be ordered in various colors. In 1932 the trucks were quite similar to those of 1931. The Series M was changed by the Series N. Externally, both series were identical, but received new 194 cubic inch engine from the car line, which developed 60 hp at 3000 rpm.

Series LT / M / NSeries LT / M / NSeries LT / M / NSeries LT / M / N
Chevrolet MChevrolet MChevrolet MChevrolet M
Series LT / M / NSeries LT / M / NSeries LT / M / NSeries LT / M / N
Chevrolet NChevrolet NChevrolet N

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