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When Spierings Mobile Cranes was founded in 1987, its main activity was: servicing and overhauling existing cranes. However, soon after its establishment, the first Spierings crane was built, model SK345-AT3. All the experience, gained while servicing other cranes, went into the construction of this first Spierings crane. The type-designation means Spierings Kraan with 30.4 m radius, a load capacity of 46 tm and a maximum lifting capacity of 5.0 t. Through hard work the company has grown steadily and has earned a good reputation. On the location at the Kantsingel in Oss, Spierings Mobile Cranes grew rapidly in the 1990's. Leo and Tiny Spierings turned the starting business into a real company that gradually made its name at home and abroad. New cranes were constructed, in 1993 Spierings build the second type of folding crane, the SK477-AT4, next came the SK365-AT3 in 1995 and in 1998 the SK598-AT5. At the end of the 1990s, the workforce of Spierings Mobile Cranes amounted to over 60 employees.

Spierings Mobile Cranes literally outgrew the building at the Kantsingel, and found a new location at the Merwedestraat in Oss. In 2000 Spierings Mobile Cranes moved to a brand new building at the Merwedestraat in Oss. This new location offered a considerably bigger productive capacity. Spierings Mobile Cranes continued its development and successively launched one astounding crane after the other: SK1265-AT6, or Mighty Tiny, a crane with the still unparalleled radius of 60 m, followed by the SK2400-AT7, a real powerhouse, able to hoist no less than 18,000 kg at 15.7 m radius. Due to the increased demand for mobile folding cranes, it turned out that the new factory was too small. Therefore, two enormous halls were added to the factory in the year 2006. By the 2010, Spierings Mobile Cranes has built over 600 cranes and also added the first crawler crane, the SK2400-R, to its product range. The workforce grows steadily and has increased to over 240 employees.

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