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Unknown models

Unknown models

  1. Димон
    2012-06-13 10:28:12

    Вилочник с боковой стрелой, возможно Fantuzzi

  2. Roland Duscha
    2012-07-07 15:02:35

    Renault Saviem Berliet seal fleatt bed camion form the 60ties - look Dinky Toys ;-)

  3. Димон
    2012-07-09 11:19:31

    Может Baumann или Hubtex но никак не Renault Saviem Berliet

  4. Димон
    2012-10-01 15:35:40

    Lancer Boss 500 Series Side Loader (Later Steinbock)

  5. Barack Obama
    2012-12-09 21:03:12

    It's mitt romney's mama's baby carriage. She's so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND THE HOUSE. Har har har. His mama is so ugly you think she chewed the lug nuts off a moving Mack truck. She so stupid, she thought he was gonna win.

  6. Mitt Romney
    2012-12-09 21:04:31

    That's not very nice.

  7. david cameron
    2013-09-05 21:12:03

    i will agree with anything you say....

  8. Sovam
    2014-05-19 16:09:24

    Battioni e Pagani или Baumann

  9. mark
    2014-07-07 00:10:46

    This is a 1980s LANCER-BOSS 500 Sideloader Forklift, once known as BOSS Sidelifter with Ford Diesel engine made in Dunstable, Bedfordshire England by BOSS ENGINEERING LIMITED.

  10. ChesterWoof
    2014-09-13 05:56:33

    Yo Mama so Fat she aint got a Stink-Hole she got a SINK-HOLE!

  11. Brent Annas
    2015-04-06 05:22:26

    Looks like a Jumbo "sidewinder" made in Germany. 5,000lb capacity, Gas engine hydrostatic transmission

  12. john sullivan
    2016-03-21 21:06:15

    Lancer sold a lot of to timber merchants,goo bit of kit.

  13. Don Franklin
    2016-08-28 02:21:18

    LOVE them all.

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