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Unknown models

Unknown models

  1. Димон
    2012-07-19 12:10:22

    может ИФА ранняя

  2. Димон
    2012-07-23 11:38:49

    Подозреваю Horch/IFA H3 завода "Заксенринг" из Цвиккау, который некоторое время выпускал грузовики, а после открытия заводов в Вердау и Людвигсфельде переключился на "трабанты". У модели Н3 кабина была над двигателем, а Н3А был уже "капотник"

  3. Димон
    2012-07-23 11:51:16

    Упс, только заметил, руль то "британский"

  4. Marcel
    2012-07-27 19:11:00

    At a guess I would say:rnThornycroft (UK)rntype; Nubian (?)rnAirport crash tender

  5. Chirstoph Sauvegeth
    2012-09-22 02:29:34

    Griffet Camion as the same cabine as Thornycroft. ;-)

  6. Димон
    2012-10-02 11:23:39

    Да, это Торник.
    На фотке правда версия 6х6

  7. Lloyd Penfold
    2013-03-23 20:34:02

    Thornycroft (no "e") airfield foam tender for aircraft fires.

  8. alan ramsay
    2013-09-01 00:48:22

    looking at the axles which are definately bedford twin rear RL , i would say it was a bedford chassis and a carmicheal body

  9. kaboli kamal
    2014-09-16 14:25:07

    i very very love this site.hts very intresting.and im a truck driver in iran country.zanjan city.

  10. BobSaget
    2015-02-19 06:04:38

    Looks like and old 1950s Mercedes Benz Chassis with a Pre WW2- WW2 German Airforce Base Crash tender

  11. john sullivan
    2016-03-17 19:47:59

    The reg plate is RAF,and the foam gun almost certainly Pyrene.Bedford R most likely modded by Broughton.

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