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Hino » 500 series GT

Hino Motors Ltd. (Hino) will be entering two HINO 500 Series trucks in the truck division of the "Dakar Rally 2011" which will start off in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 1, 2011 (local time). This effort will be spearheaded by HINO TEAM SUGAWARA, which consists of Hino and TEAM SUGAWARA led by Yoshimasa Sugawara, who at 27 entries holds the record for the most entries in this Rally. With its entry in 2011, Hino will celebrate its "20th Anniversary in the Dakar Rally" since it first entered in 1991. Yoshimasa and Teruhito Sugawara, father and son, each drive one of the two Hino trucks. The current race trucks "HINO 500 Series" have been given a new appearance to symbolize a new page in history for the 2011 race, which will be the 20th anniversary for Hino. The design was based on Hino's corporate colors and Kabuki makeup to communicate HINO as a Japanese brand to a global audience. The frames are highly rigid and straight, with a wheelbase of 3,870 mm. Rigid axle in the ftont and rear are supported by the multi-leaf springs and two Reiger-made shock absorbers per each wheel. The J08C-TI model, 6-cylinder inline, turbo-intercooled engine of nearly 8 liter of engine displacement, that generates more than 450PS with, drives the front and rear wheels using 6-speeds directly connected to the 6-stage transmission and transfer by a 2-stage auxiliary transmission. The all-floating-type front and rear axles are single reduction type with differential locking device and built-in air ducts for CTIS (a Central Tire Inflate System) which changes the amount of air in the tires during driving. The tires are Michelin XS suitable for sandy surface. The size is 14.00R20 which is at the upper limit allowed by vehicle regulations. Steel wheel has a detachable rim that enables the tire to be replaced in case of a flat, without removing the whole wheel. Large capacity power steering has been adopted to alleviate the maneuvering power necessary for these large-diameter tires. For the Dakar Rally 2011, Car 2's rear body is made entirely of carbon fiber, and Car 1's is made of aluminum steel, in either case to reduce weight. Moreover, to achieve better aerodynamics, the heights of the tail ends of these bodies have been lowered to reduce turbulence that can cause resistance. The interior of the rear body features roll bars, and will carry two spare tires and a minimum amount of spare parts. Owing to weight reduction efforts we have taken over the years, these cars weigh in at approximately 7,000kg - an important contributing factor in their driving performance - making them the lightest of all vehicles in the truck division. Additionally, a 600-liter aluminum fuel tank has been installed below the right and left side floor, in order to lower the position of the center of gravity.

By the 2012 the company decided to upgrade the race trucks. The first of all, center of gravity has been lowered and rigidity of construction has been increased. Some parts are made of composite materials. The new truck is equipped with a short day cab. All these has reduced the weight by 300 kg if compared with the 2011 model. Weight loss has increased braking performance. Another important change is a modified cooling system. Climatic conditions of South America are not as severe as in Africa, so the cooling system may be slightly lighter. Location of units has been redesigned for more optimal effect. Visible change is tilt of the cargo became classic rectangular shape without the step in rear part.

500 series GT500 series GT
Hino 500 series GT 2011Hino 500 series GT 2012
  1. Nitinai Panmanee
    2011-11-15 12:22:07

    Offer to buy the used Hino 4x4 trucks, any models, these trucks should have these engine EH700 HO7C HO7D JO8C.

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