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IVECO » Z Truck

Iveco presents its world premiere IVECO Z TRUCK, the long-haul concept truck that breaks away from every constraint to be a zero-impact vehicle for a totally sustainable transport system. The concept truck features a new generation LNG engine running on Bio-methane, which is derived from refined biogas. This fuel ensures low CO2 and ultra low PM emission. This LNG-fuelled engine develops 460 hp and 2,000 Nm torque, and features a 16-gear automated transmission with Powershift in the upper gears.

IVECO Z TRUCK features MICHELIN X LINE ENERGY, the first range to be awarded the AAA grading in rolling resistance, which saves long-haul convoys up to one litre of fuel per 100 km. The tyres feature RFID embedded tags, which can track each tyre throughout its life cycle, providing information such as type, size, model name, wear, performance or temperature.

IVECO Z TRUCK adopts a new concept tank developed with SAG. It is made of aluminium insulated with a new system called MLI (Multi Layer Insulation), a reflective foil that protects from heat radiation. The two tanks have a total capacity of 1200 litres, resulting in autonomy of 2,200 km – 60% more than the current Stralis NP, and even more than a diesel vehicle.

The concept, designed by CNH Industrial Design Centre, makes a statement on how the future could be for truck drivers. It is shaped by its enhanced aerodynamics, by the improved safety and by the aim of creating a new living cab space. It imagines how automated driving will change the role of the driver, who will spend less time driving and more time doing office work. The concept enables the driver to reconfigure the cab layout according to the use he/she wishes to make of the truck at the time: driving in an urban context, highway or autonomous driving on motorways, taking care of office work, relaxing or sleeping overnight.

The seat, steering wheel system, pedals and controls console form a self-contained unit that is suspended independently from the cab for the smoothest ride. The air conditioning system provides ideal conditions around the driver’s seat, creating a Climatic Bubble that encloses the driving platform, so that the driver enjoys ideal temperature conditions with no disturbance from air flows.

Z TruckZ TruckZ TruckZ Truck
Z TruckZ TruckZ TruckZ Truck
Z TruckZ TruckZ Truck

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