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KrAZ » 260D-9382

Kraz developed and produced tractors with active trailers since 1962 and till the end of the USSR. The first developments under theme "Active Combination" started in 1973, when Kraz was developing its new Kraz-260 with 300 hp diesel engines. The first two prototypes of KrAZ-260D-9382 were made in late 1976 - early 1977. The combination consisted of a special tractor KrAZ-260D and an active 2-axle semitrailer KrAZ-9382, based on an army trailer MAZ-938 and equipped with a mechanical drive of four wheels with wide tires (similar to the tires of Kraz-260 truck).

KrAZ-260D was equipped with a power take-off on a transfer gearbox and bevel reduction gear. The semi-trailer was equipped with a suspension similar to Kraz-260, three bevel reduction gears, long cardan shafts and drum brakes. 9382 semitrailer had a payload of 16.8 tonnes and total weight of 23 tonnes. The combination lenght was 15.4 meters, curb weight - 18.5 tonnes, GCVW - 34.8 tonnes. Kraz had been testing 260D since March 1977 to November 1979 on various types of road surfaces, and even in desert areas. Their offroad capabilities and speed characteristics were very similar to regular offroad trucks combinations, but the fuel consumption under different conditions ranged from 70 to 220 liters per 100 kilometers! The maximum speed of combination on highways was up to 65 kph, its range - 700 km.

After improvements made in 1978-1980, Kraz made two more combinations KrAZ-260DM-9382 included upgraded 260DM tractors and 9382 semi-trailers with a carrying capacity of 17.6 tonnes. They were first to equipped with special sealed vans KPP-20 with an internal length of 9100 mm and a height of 2000 mm. In 1982 - 1985, accoeding to the order of the Ministry of Defence, Kraz made 22 combinations of Kraz-260VM and active trailers 9382 in an experimental workshop.


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