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The new Cat® 775G Off-Highway Truck sets new performance standards for the model while meeting US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. A combination of new drive train strategies and a 5 percent power increase over the previous model enable the 70-ton (63.5-tonne) payload class truck to hold a higher gear when climbing 10 percent grades in most applications. A number of new components and control changes boost efficiency. A key is the next generation of Cat transmission controls, named Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy. The system enhances productivity, fuel efficiency and drive train durability, and it enables enhanced machine control.

To meet Tier 4 Final emissions regulations in the USA, the Cat C27 ACERT™ engine includes the Cat NOx Reduction System and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Working in combination with ACERT technology, the Cat NOx-Reduction System continually diverts and cools a small volume of the engine exhaust gases, then returns the cooled gases to the combustion chamber. This process reduces cylinder temperatures and, consequently, lowers NOx formation. The 775G engine produces net power of 779 hp (581 kW), and target gross weight of the truck is 246,500 lb (111 811 kg). As with the previous model, a number of different body options enable a customer to configure a truck to achieve optimum capacity and durability. The 775G will replace the 775F when it goes into commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The 775G also features a new cab and other changes to help the operator do the job safely and efficiently. The operator seat is in the center of the cab, which provides more space for the operator, and the cab has access and egress from either side. The access system is equipped with stairs illuminated by LED lights. The new cab provides a 4 dbA reduction in noise experienced by the operator, which helps the operator fight fatigue over a long work period.

In 2012 the new Cat® 777G Off-Highway Truck with outstanding performance, production and fuel efficiency in the 100-short-ton (91-tonne) size class were presented. The 777G replaces the 777F. The 777G achieves greater production with seven percent more torque powering work and new transmission controls that produce quick haul cycles with automotive quality shifting. In addition to its fuel efficiency, the 777G is quieter and produces fewer emissions. Caterpillar is introducing its U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final solution on the 777G two years in advance of the effective date of the regulation, which provides customers an opportunity to advance their sustainability goals. For operations outside of areas regulated by the U.S. EPA, the 777G reduces emissions with Tier 2 or EU Stage II equivalent technology and fuel efficiency. Caterpillar has enhanced braking and traction control for G Series. Hydraulic oil-immersed disc brakes are now standard on all four corners of the truck. Design updates extend brake component life by increasing the force used to disengage the brakes.

Object Detection comes standard on the 777G. Using a combination of radars, an in-cab display and multiple cameras, Object Detection provides equipment operators with enhanced awareness for increased site safety. The 777G also offers tire monitoring through use of payload values from the Truck Production Monitoring System and data such as air temperature and truck speed to calculate the load placed on tires.

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Caterpillar 777G


Caterpillar 777G
Caterpillar 777G

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