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Silant » 3.3TD

In 2007, the russian Research Automobile Center "NAMI" showed prototypes of universal truck for municipal and agriculture, a competitor to the German Mercedes-Benz Unimog and Italian Bremach. Prototypes have indices 1337, 1338 and 2338. In 4 years, in 2010, the producing of these trucks was began in Veliky Novgorod under the brand "Silant". All the trucks are from the one rangee, which received the trade name Silant 3.3TD (according to the documents it is Silant-2868). The main future customers are repair and rescue departments, forestry, utilities. The firm has already received a large order from a large gas and oil company Gazprom. The trucks can be equipped with foreign Perkins 65 hp diesel (Base engine) and Deutz BF 04L 2011 with an output of 79 hp or domestic VMTZ D-130T developes 65 hp. Front and rear power take-off shafts allow to use different equipment. Both suspensions of Siliant are dependent. The trucks have front disc brakes and drum rear brakes. It is wonder that there is no ABS. Transmission and transfer case are unified with all-wheel drive trucks GAZ-3308 Sadko. Drive axles were originally from the all-wheel drive Gazelle, but later it were taken from Sadko too. Payload is 1300-2000 kg.

  1. Сергеев Василий Александрович
    2011-04-13 16:24:24

    Уважаемые судари и сударыни,
    а можно получить точные тактико-технические характеристики Силанта?
    И если возможно прайс цен?

  2. Ko6pa
    2011-05-31 18:22:48

    видео обзор SILANT 3.3 TD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anzrBwFJi5Q

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