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In 2010 the new Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane was debut. This crane combines some of the strongest lift capabilities in its class with an extremely long 262 ft boom. It is designed for substantial picks on its main boom without the need to rig the jib or Mega Wing Lift. For example, with the boom extended to 245 ft, it will lift 15.7 USt, and with the full boom of 262 ft, it lifts 13 USt. The GMK6300L is also the only crane among its competitors to offer a fully automatic transmission Allison with torque convertor. Its capabilities are proven in the most demanding conditions, and the electronic controls allow it to adapt to its surroundings and provide self-diagnostics for easier maintenance. An integral retarder offers enhanced braking on hills and greater confidence for the operator when moving a heavy vehicle. The Allison transmission and Grove’s Megatrak independent suspension system provide optimum travel for both on and off the road. The all-wheel steered GMK6300L has the latest steer-by-wire technology included on the fifth and sixth axles. An additional design feature is a new cab for the carrier. It is similar to Grove’s four- and five-axle all-terrain cranes, but it has been adapted to fit the wider carrier of the six-axle crane. It can comfortably accommodate three crew members and has more ergonomic positioning of the instruments and controls. Visibility, heating, air conditioning, aerodynamics and noise reduction are also improved. A Mercedes OM 926 LA provides power for the superstructure, and power for the carrier comes from a Mercedes OM 502 LA. Both comply with the latest requirements of Tier 4i and Euromot IIIB legislation. The OM 502 LA is an eight-cylinder engine that generates 405 kW, and the OM 926 LA is a six-cylinder engine that produces 210 kW. The crane has excellent reach with the 262 ft, seven-section Twin-Lock boom that includes patented Megaform design for optimized rigidity and capacity. For additional reach, a 121 ft jib is available. Maximum available length is 384 ft, and the crane can still lift an impressive 2.2 USt at this height. A second jib is also offered, a heavy-duty jib with a capacity of 42 USt, for superior lift capability at tall heights.

Grove GMK6300LGrove GMK6300LGrove GMK6300LGrove GMK6300L


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