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MAN » LX90 / SX90

In 1986, according to the new requirements of BWB, the company MAN AG had launched a second generation of tactical air-transportable trucks LX90 (4x4/6x6) and SX90 (6х6/8x8). It was unified with the first family and also consisted of three basic models with a payload 6, 8 and 12 t. Features of this range were easily removable wide family of diesel engines, liquid cooled with power from 190 to 500 hp, transmissions with the number of speeds from 6 to 16, reinforced cabin with changed front mask, wider tires, increased dimensions and clearance. The LX90 series received suspension on parabolic leaf springs. On the chassis were mounted heavy-duty cranes, firefighting equipment, long-range antennas FGR, lifting platforms EPLA with missile weapons, bridge layers Leguan, created by MAN Technology Department in conjunction with the company Krupp, and anti-aircraft missile systems Roland-3 and Patriot. In 1989, the chassis SX90 (8x8) with the US 500-horsepower diesel engine and automatic transmission was used in the USA for assembly loader of containers PL5.

LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90
LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90
LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90
LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90
LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90LX90 / SX90
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  1. jayantha
    2013-07-19 15:47:40

    i need to know about rpm and rpm wiring diagram

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