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In 1993, the third generation of tactical trucks was presented. It included light range LX2000 (4x4/6x6) with payload of 3-10 tons and heavy range SX2000 (4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10) with a payload of 12-27 tons and the total weight up to 50 tons. The trucks were equipped with in-line or V-shaped MAN engines with power from 220 to 1000 hp, with the number of cylinders from 6 to 12, turbocharged and electronically controlled, mechanical, 6-, 9- or 16-speed or automatic 5-speed gearboxes. The vehicles receive electro-pneumatic locking of all the differentials, spring, lever spring or hydropneumatic suspension, centralized regulation of the pressure in tires, disc brakes with ABS and a system of redistribution of braking forces. The base chassis in the LX2000 range was 18.232DFAEG (6x6) with parabolic springs suspension. The SX2000 range included 2 versions of multi-purpose chassis - 27.403DFAEG (6x6) and 32.403VFAEG (8x8), equipped with 400-horsepower diesel engine D2866LFG, semi-automatic 16-speed gearbox and lever-spring suspension. Various military systems and its control systems, armoring, bridge layers, container cranes, airport fire-fighting equipment were mounted on the LX2000/SX2000 chassis. The company Tadano-FAUN offered a heavy recovery vehicle BKF-30.40 with a 16-tonne crane and winches with a pulling force of 40 ton. The trucks had maximum speed of 80 to 115 km/h (rescue trucks is up to 140 km/h), could climb on 60% hill and water obstacles depth up to 1,5 m. In 1996, one of the world's largest military truck 1000 hp MAN-45.1000FFAEG (10x10) was added to the range. Heavy howitzers, bridge layers, cranes and fire fighting equipments were mounted on its chassis. Maximum speed was 95 km/h.

LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000
LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000
LX2000 / SX2000LX2000 / SX2000
  1. Ludo
    2016-01-15 13:55:45

    I forgot to add that it seems that this 10x10 demonstrator was the only model built.

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