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UD Trucks » Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10

The all-new Condor PK (8- and 9-ton class payload) and Condor PW (12-ton class payload) series was presented in 2010. The new trucks received a new cab design that expresses a unified family identity with the Quon heavy-duty truck series along with the nimble maneuverability characteristic of medium-duty trucks and achieves outstanding aerodynamic performance, safety and comfort. In addition, the new Condor models share the same axle parts and brake parts with the Quon heavy-duty truck series to construct suspension and brake systems for enhanced peace of mind. Powering the Condor models is the self-developed GH7 engine equipped with a newly developed common rail system with a higher maximum fuel injection pressure with output of 245 hp (for 8-ton model) and 280 hp (for 9- and 12-ton models). For the first time, the Condor series is now fitted with the UD Particulate Cleaning (UDPC) system and a urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. These emission control technologies for reducing particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions were previously refined on the Quon heavy-duty truck series. As a result, the new Condor models deliver better fuel economy combined with improved environmental performance that complies with Japan's 2009 exhaust emission regulations.

In 2011, the company presented lighter versions Condor MK (4-ton class payload) and Condor LK (5-6 ton class payload) series. These models adopt the same new cab design with the new Condor PK/PW. They also feature various advanced technologies accumulated on the company’s heavy-duty trucks to deliver outstanding fuel economy, environmental friendliness, aerodynamic performance and safety. The light models are powered by the GH5 (215 hp) and GH7 (245 hp) engines fitted with a newly developed common rail system.

Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10
Condor PKCondor PK 9-ton
Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10Condor MK / LK / PK / PW '10
Condor PK 8-tonCondor MK
  1. Miranda
    2011-09-14 13:53:16


    I'm looking for brand new trucks 4x2 with 10-12 tons payload.
    Steel suspension - euro 1-2-3 max - manual gearbox

    Trucks configuration : flatbed or chassis cab if no flatbed.

    please let me now as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

    Stélio MIRANDA

  2. Said Farah
    2016-08-10 22:47:17

    Please quote for new open deck UD Truck Condor 8-9 ton payload valid for 3 months CIF Dubai. We need this quotation very urgently

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