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Scania » G-series Streamliner

Scania Streamline is the name of Scania G- and R-series long-haulage trucks that are optimised for low fuel consumption, featuring new low-drag looks and full air deflector kits. A new version of Scania Opticruise features a choice of performance modes. To maximise fuel savings, the new Economy mode is fully integrated with Scania Active Prediction. Potential fuel savings in long-haulage are up to 8 percent with the new, more efficient second-generation Euro 6 engines. Corresponding savings for Euro 3/4/5 are up to 5 percent. And now let's talk about the most features.

"Scania's new second-generation 13-litre Euro 6 engines are 2-3 percent more economical than the first ones", said Lars Stenqvist, Senior Vice President. "Scania Opticruise and Scania Active Prediction contribute 2-3 percent each. In addition, we have improved the aerodynamics and reduced drag in our gearboxes. Even though you cannot simply add the figures, we estimate that the potential saving for a European Euro 6 long-haulage customer could reach 8 percent. For customers in markets without access to topographical map data, the potential is almost 5 percent.”

The modifications involve smoothing the cab corners to pass the airflow onto the cab sides with minimum resistance. However, some turbulence is needed to keep dirt and spray off the door handle. The solution is a patented deflector lip just above the headlights. The new sunvisor also refines the airflow and sharpens the look. All attachments have received attention, as well as the integrated spotlights and LED marker lights. The new spotlights are not just stylish – they also feature an improved, more relaxing beam pattern, both close to the truck and at a distance. The new aerodynamic corner treatment and sunvisor reduce fuel consumption at cruising speed by up to one percent on the Scania G- and R-series. Other styling changes at the front include new headlight units, with new bezels, LED indicators and daytime running lights. New unique LED taillights are also being introduced.

In line with Scania's ongoing product refinement, customers get access to a new range of Scania-designed premium seats representing the ultimate in truck comfort. In-cab enhancements include new upholsteries and more subdued trim colour schemes selected to create a calmer atmosphere in the sleeping area, as well as a radio with navigation, Bluetooth and a USB connection.

Numerous new features, including Scania Active Prediction, have been integrated free-of-charge with Scania Opticruise into a predictive powertrain control system that provides fuel savings of 4-5 percent. Scania Active Prediction is a predictive cruise control system that uses GPS and topographical map data to finely regulate the cruising speed. Scania has also developed a simplified gearchanging system that limits the possibilities for the driver to influence gearchanging. This shortcut to even better fuel economy is requested in particular by large fleet owners, whose drivers frequently drive different brands.

Scania customers now have a choice of nine Euro 6 outputs, ranging from the 250 hp 9-litre unit to the 580 hp V8. Additional outputs will follow. In addition there are two gas engines, adaptable to run on biogas, compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied LNG. The only Euro 6 V8s in the market, the new engines are based on the 16.4-litre platform introduced with the 730 hp unit. Fuel consumption of a Euro 6 V8 engine worked hard is equivalent to Euro 5. The exhaust brake output is 320 kW at 2,400 r/min. A newly-developed water-cooled EGR system is fitted low down underneath the RH cylinder bank. The silencer unit for the V8 engines is somewhat larger with higher capacity than for inline engines. The 450 and 490 hp engines are based on further refinements of the 440 and 480 hp units, which have been proven in the hands of operators since early 2011. The 410 hp engine has been developed to manage Euro 6 using only SCR tech-nology. A fixed-geometry turbocharger and an electric intake throttle are used.

The new strong single-drive rear axle (R855) with disc brakes has been designed for high gross weights and demanding topography, such as mountainous trans-Alpine, trans-Andean or Norwegian routes, where the load is high going both uphill and downhill using the retarder.

G-series StreamlinerG-series StreamlinerG-series StreamlinerG-series Streamliner
Scania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series Streamliner
G-series StreamlinerG-series StreamlinerG-series StreamlinerG-series Streamliner
Scania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series Streamliner
G-series StreamlinerG-series StreamlinerG-series Streamliner
Scania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series StreamlinerScania G-series Streamliner
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Mercedes-Benz » L311 / L312

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