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The main downsides of replacing your diesel-powered light truck were the price premium, as well as the limited range and long charge times of electric vehicles. Well, a British company called EVInnovations has set out to change that, with the Bluebird City, a very versatile all-electric light truck. The company claims it will be as affordable as a comparable diesel-powered alternative, while also allowing its battery pack to be swapped in 3 minutes. Currently, a few examples are undergoing testing in Britain and while no clear launch date has been set, the company behind it seems petty serious.

From a technical standpoint, its range is around 65 km (40 miles) and can be extended to 120 km (75 miles) with an optional battery pack. However, this may not be an issue as the truck can always return to ‘base’ to quckly swap its battery pack for a fresh one. Its top speed varies is either 65 km/h or 90 km/h (40 mph or 56 mph), depending on which battery pack is chosen. Also, with the well-known benefits of electric power (worth mentioning is maximum torque from 0 rpm) it will have no trouble pulling loads around with ease. If the company holds its promise on the low price, then there may just be a market for the Bluebird City, but otherwise, it is doomed to fail, even if it is a competent machine, if it is priced too high, nobody will buy it.

Bluebird CityBluebird CityBluebird CityBluebird City
Bluebird CityBluebird CityBluebird CityBluebird City
Bluebird CityBluebird City
Bluebird CityBluebird City

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