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MAZ » 5440 multi-tier 2nd version

On the open air exhibition of the Belarusian Association of International Road Carriers was exposed the second prototype of the multi-tier road train developed by the Joint Institute for an Engineering in Belarus together with the MAZ company. Its length is 47 meters and gross weight is almost 100 tonnes. It is designed to move along the roads of the first category, like European highways. Under each trailer is located a power plant, which helps to move the heavy road train. These engines are also made by Minsk Engine Plant. According to Sergei Kochetov, head of the modular multi-tier vehicles of the National Computer Center, each of the units is autonomous and can be controlled by remote controller. So, when loading and unloading each cargo module can be detached and moved remotely without running the main engine of the tractor.

Rear view cameras help to control the second and third trailers. The law does not allow using such long vehicle neither Belarus, no in Russia or in Europe because of limitations on the maximum length of a train. However, Sergei Kochetov sure that by the time the truck will be serial production, these vehicles will be permitted. "Nobody makes 47 meter road trains. We'll be the first. After Australia, where there are even longer trains", said the developer.

5440 multi-tier 2nd version5440 multi-tier 2nd version5440 multi-tier 2nd version5440 multi-tier 2nd version
5440 multi-tier 2nd version5440 multi-tier 2nd version5440 multi-tier 2nd version5440 multi-tier 2nd version
5440 multi-tier 2nd version

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