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The range of 1.5-ton military trucks G4100/7100 (4x4), which was built in 1940-45 years in 120 thousand copies, became a major for the Chevrolet company during the Second World War. The basis for these trucks was the pre-war model 4272 (4x4), the hybrid of Chevrolet and GMC. But the construction and components were unified with the well known 2.5-ton trucks GMC CCKW-352/353 (6x6). Both series were equipped with virtually identical cabins, hood and grilles, flatbed bodies with an awning, brakes, springs, electrical elements, winches and tires. In 1940-42 the first-generation series G4100 with all-metal cab (the base flatbed version was G4112) was produced, which had an additional factory index Y or Z. The series included the all-metal van G4105, dump truck without winch G4152 and with winch G4162, flatbed truck with a winch G4163, tractor G4165, and long flatbed truck G4174. Since late 1942, Chevrolet offered enhanced and upgraded series G7100 with an additional index N, equipped with both closed and open cabins. All trucks were completed with an overhead valve 6-cylinder Chevrolet BV1001 (3858 cm3, 83 hp) engine, 4-speed manual transmission with 2-speed transfer gearbox and switchable front axle. The base version had a wheelbase of 3683 mm, dry weight of 3,425 kg and could reach 80 km/h. The main output (86,971 copies) came with the multi-purpose trucks NJ-G7107 with a wooden flatbed without the winch and NM-G7117 with a metal platform, canopy and hoist. The company also offered NH-G7106 dump truck without a winch and a similar version NL-G7116 with a winch; panel vans NG-G7105; chassis for fire trucks NZ-G7133; NR-G7163 and NS-G7173 for workshops with various bodies, installing of telephone lines. The truck tractor NK-G7113 (1943-44) was equipped with the GMC 270 (4.4 liter, 89 hp) engine and the transmission of the series CCKW. The short wheelbase chassis NQ-G7128 (3175 mm) was used to mount M6 device with a crane for handling bombs that have been applied in the U.S. Air Force and the UK. On the long wheelbase chassis (4445 mm) were made about 400 copies of 1,5-ton truck NP-G7127 with a body length of 4.6 m. Another modification was the field light vehicle NF-G7143. In the midst of the war the G7129 prototype was made. It was a low-profile 89hp truck with an open cockpit, folding windshield and removable body sides, which allowed to lower its height to 1700 mm. G7100 Series trucks were delivered to the USSR under the Lend-Lease and were producing on some of Soviet automobile plants, including in GAZ, and their chassis were used for the installation of various equipment, including BM-13 "Katusha".

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G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100
G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100
G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100
G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100
G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100
G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100G4100 / G7100
G4100 / G7100
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  1. Doug
    2011-07-07 21:03:01

    do you have any information on the M6 4x4 1.5 ton bomb truck used by the american air force in the uk during world war two. Would be much appreciated for as much or as less information as possible.
    kind regards douglas

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