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Autocar » DC-10044

The most powerful and heavy model in the range of all-wheel drive Autocars was thr DC-10044 equipped with a diesel engine Cummins HB600 rated at 150 hp, In 1948 it was replaced by a more powerful DC-10044N with turbocharged Cummins NHB600. Wheelbase was 157 in, and the GVW was 35500 lbs. These chassis were often used as snow plows with front and side plows.

1948 Autocar DC-10044N1940 Autocar DC-10044

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Chevrolet » Series 50 / 60 / 80 '62

I am the ower of the 3 blue trucks. One of them have the lisensplate from Norway. D34078. Both of them are 478 diesel. In 1967 they came to Norway. Norway bought 20 of them. My grandfathet bought one of them in February 1967, but both are made in 1965. After my grandfathet had it, my father used it. They got restorded in the end of the 90. My grandfather and father used the truck to plow the snow for the guverment. It's only 3 og 4 left in Norway. I started to use it in business 1999, and still use them. We needed a pickup truck too, and we bought one in Venize beach California, 1966 c-10 stepside. The man you can see in the picture is my brother Svend, who unfortunately sies this January, only 56 years old. Nice to find the picture here.

Hyundai » Trago Xcient

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Kenworth » W900A

As a driver and owner of Kenworths as old as 1973, and as new as 2007, I am a fan of the quality and simplicity of the 900A. They were, and still are, incredible trucks, both in function, and style. Yes, I have driven and owned Peterbilts as old as 1975, as New as 2003. The 359 is clearly a formidable rival. When all the boxes are checked, the 900A comes out on top, then, and now.